Shirt Jacket Styling Tips for Men

The purpose of the shirt jacket is quite intriguing. It’s neither a shirt nor a jacket. But it’s a hybrid of styles that will make it look good with the appropriate ensemble. In fact, some people call it a “shacket”.

For the sake of this guide, we’ll just stick to “shirt jacket”. We will discuss what makes it great and discuss the basics of styling them. We’ll even provide you with a few styling tips as well.

Shirt jackets can be worn almost year-round. It can also work well with different accessories. Ready to see how a shirt jacket can fit into your regular wardrobe?

Understanding Shirt Jackets

The concept of the shirt jacket isn’t quite a new thing. In fact, some renditions of it have been around for many years. They typically include different materials including flannel, denim, and even military-inspired designs. 

As such, men can enjoy the versatility of these shirt jackets. They can wear them over lightweight shirts of their choice. Or it can be a button-down shirt that they love wearing to keep it sharp but casual.

Basics of Styling Shirt Jackets

When it comes to wearing a shirt jacket, you want to make sure that it is the right fit or size. You don’t want to wear something that may be too baggy or too tight. Think of it as if you are looking for the right jacket that you can put on whenever you feel inclined to wear one.

It’s also a good idea to choose the right fabric. That’s because not all shirt jackets are created equal. Some of them are made from lightweight fabrics, which can be ideal to wear during the spring and summer months. Likewise, shirt jackets with thicker materials will be great to wear when the weather gets cooler during the fall months.

Shirt Jacket Styling Tips

There are plenty of styling ideas we are happy to share with you in order to make a shirt jacket look great. Let’s take a look at some of our favorites:

  • Wearing it over a Henley: One of the tried and true favorites to pair well with a shirt jacket is a Henley. Vintage 1946 just so happens to have quite a few of them. One of those is their Heathered Rib Henley. It might be a good style combination to wear in the fall time. Especially if the Henley is a darker color while the shirt jacket is lighter.
  • Pairing with denim or chinos: Wearing the right kind of pants is also something worth considering. You can also get away with wearing pants like the Classic Vintage Twill. Of course, you also need to factor in other considerations such as the time of year, the intent, and purpose like a day out or just lounging around.
  • Choose your footwear: This can be a free choice on your part. It can be sneakers or boots. But it may come down to choosing the right color. For fail-safe options, it never hurts to go with black or white. Brown may be a good color regardless of the shade.

Layering for Cool Weather

During the fall months, it is a good idea to utilize a shirt jacket as an outer layer. Whether it’s a lightweight shirt or a Henley, a shirt jacket will be perfect for that time of year. You can also throw on accessories that add that extra style factor including beanies or scarves.

Spring = Transitioning

While winter may not be the best time to wear a shirt jacket, you can wear one as a transitioning layer. The base layer itself can be a thicker fabric while the outer layer is lightweight. As the weather gets slightly warmer, you can wear lighter fabrics as your base layer.

Early in the spring, stick to darker colors as if you were wearing one in the winter. By the middle of the season, consider making the switch to lighter colors and materials.

Summer is For Lightweight Shirt Jackets

Yes, lightweight clothes are going to be a must when the weather gets warmer. So it would make sense to bust out shirt jackets of that kind along with a pair of shorts. One pair that we recommend is the Batik Print Golf Shorts.

Wrap Up

Shirt jackets are a good fit for any wardrobe at almost any given time of year. Choose one that will be the perfect fit with your favorite outfit. If you are looking to wear something in addition to your shirt jackets, Vintage 1946 has you covered with your choice of various tops, shorts, and more.