Secrets to Dressing Better – Men’s Style Tips for 2023

First impressions matter a great deal, and you can affect what people think when they first lay eyes on you if you wear the right clothes. Unfortunately, many guys don’t know exactly how to dress for maximum impact.

Today, let’s break down some of the most crucial men’s style tips for 2023. You can leverage these tips to look stylish and masculine wherever you go.

Retro Jackets Are Back

In 2023, many of the most popular masculine retro jackets are back in style (if they ever really left). We’re talking bomber jackets, denim jackets, and greaser jackets depending on your exact aesthetic and fashion preferences.

For instance, if you prefer a classic, old-fashioned masculine style, a brown bomber jacket will look perfect on your frame, especially if you pair it with a plain white T-shirt and jeans. These things tend to come and go in cycles, so take advantage of the fact that old-school jackets are stylish once again and wear them as often as possible!

Try the “Urban Hiker” Look

A more modern development is the growth of the so-called urban hiker aesthetic. In a nutshell, this stylistic theme involves looking like you are ready for outdoor activities while also being comfortable enough for strolling around the city.

To easily accomplish the urban hiker look, you can pair your T-shirt of choice with a quarter zip. Vintage 1946’s quarter zips are excellent options, as they are comfortable, durable, and available in a variety of colors. The key thing to think about with the urban hiker look is layering. You should look ready to immediately jump in a car and climb a mountain, but then return to dine at a decent restaurant or go see a movie. The name of the game is flexibility.

You can even pair boots, jackets or sweaters, and other upperwear articles with shorts and still achieve the ideal urban hiker aesthetic. For instance, these Micrograph Gurkha Hybrid shorts from Vintage 1946 are durable and versatile enough to go with a puffer vest, a long-sleeve shirt, or anything else you have in mind to achieve your perfect look.

Coordinate Your Colors – Avoid Monochrome

In 2023, the best male wardrobes have several complementary colors, not just one color from head to toe. Don’t wear a black shirt and black trousers, for example. Instead, you might combine a black shirt with navy jeans or vice versa.

For instance, if you plan to wear black joggers, don’t wear a black T-shirt or long-sleeve shirt. Wear a white, gray, or colored shirt during your workouts with those black joggers. Not only will you look better, but you’ll also be a little more comfortable, as a color other than black will absorb a little less sunlight and won’t heat up as quickly.

If you don’t know what your colors are, do some experiments with your wardrobe and look at your hair, eye color, and skin tone. These can give you good clues as to what colors will look fantastic on your body.

Boots All-Year Round

Many men are wearing boots all year round in 2023, even during the hot summer months. That's partially because there are plenty of comfortable, great-looking boots available, like Chelsea boots, if you want something that isn't overly rugged or practical but can elevate the rest of your outfit.

However, hiker boots, Timberland boots, and other masculine footwear are just as important now as they were in previous years. For a very simple yet effective look, pair some Timberland boots with some durable jeans, a white T-shirt, and your jacket of choice.

You’ll look clean-cut, mature, and ready for anything, whether that means hopping on your motorcycle, tackling some chores around the house, or meeting your friends for a drink at the bar.

Shop Sustainably

Lastly, many men are now dressing with an eye towards sustainability. You should try to shop at sustainable brands and eco-friendly outlets. For instance, you may choose shirts or trousers that are made from recycled materials.

This is a type of social signaling that indicates you are “in the know” and don’t spend too much money on clothes that are made with wasteful materials. Of course, your mileage may vary in terms of how important this is to your overall ensemble, but keep in mind that it may impact how people see your clothes if you socialize in certain circles.


In the end, dressing for success is the best way to make a positive impression in the workplace, on a date, and when meeting your friends for a night out in town. Vintage 1946 can help you find the perfect articles for your next stylish ensemble, so check out our extensive offerings today!