4 Men’s Retro Style Clothing Pieces You Don’t Want To Miss

What’s missing from your wardrobe? If you have enough pants and shirts to put together a decent outfit, it might seem like you already have plenty to wear. But you might be surprised. Trying a different style can have a dramatic difference in the way you build your outfits. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our favorite men’s retro style clothing pieces! Fill out your wardrobe with these great styles.

Vintage 1946 Polo Shirt

Think of a polo shirt as a T-shirt’s more dressed-up cousin. It’s casual, stylish, and versatile enough to help you look your best in a variety of situations. Try our Negative Slub Polo in Dream Blue for a great retro style alternative to T-shirts that adds a collar for a buttoned-up look yet feels just as comfortable as any casual Friday.

Polo shirts aren’t just extra accessories for your wardrobe. They’re versatile enough to work anywhere, whether it’s the golf course or a casual get-together. In fact, they’re something of a men’s wardrobe essential.

Short-Sleeve Button Down

The short-sleeve button down is surprisingly versatile, as it can layer during the winter to give you the collar you need without adding a lot of heft to an outfit. That’s great for the more forgiving days over autumn, winter, and even early spring.

You might not find anything more versatile than a short-sleeve button down like this Summer Oxford Short Sleeve in Blue from Vintage 1946. Its 100% cotton construction makes for a breathable, comfortable way to enjoy the outdoors. Layer it with a sweater in cooler months and you have a year-round piece.

Henley Shirt

Casual, comfortable, and loose, the Henley shirt is a great answer to the question: “what should I wear today?” Think of this retro style clothing piece as a hybrid of a polo and a T-shirt, using buttons but not a stiff collar. Add a new dimension to your casual outfit without taking away from a casual shirt’s comfort.

One great example of a Henley is our Negative Slub 3-Button Henley in Capri. The little details here—from the Coconut button to the vintage wash look—can help pull together any casual outfit.

Madras Shorts

There’s no better time of the year to pick up Madras shorts. And you might even find them a surprisingly versatile addition to your wardrobe. If you’ve found that your block-colored shorts haven’t been enough to add spice to your outfits, consider picking up these Authentic Madras Shorts in Orange. They provide that extra visual kick that any casual outfit needs, while showing off a little bit of your fun side as well.

More From Vintage 1946

There are plenty of great essential items to wear when you browse Vintage 1946. But don’t forget that there may be other potential wardrobe pieces you’ve forgotten about. Don’t let them be forgotten anymore. Explore our full collection of men’s retro style clothing to complete your vintage look today.