Retro Clothing for Men from Vintage 1946

It’s not hard to add retro clothing to your closet. You simply hang them up and throw them in. But if you want to add men’s retro clothing to your wardrobe—that is, the clothes you wear on a regular basis—you’re going to have to make sure to purchase items that you’ll truly enjoy wearing. Here are five ways you can give your wardrobe a retro feel without sacrificing modern comfort and style.

Retro Jeans Alternatives

Jeans are perfectly vintage—a true American classic. But sometimes you want to wear more than just jeans. Simply adding an element to your wardrobe like Stretch Twill Pants will invigorate your fashion sense with a pop of color while giving your outfits more versatility.

These retro style pants can be worn casually or with button-down shirts for a more “business casual” look. Either way, it’s good to break up the monotony of denim every so often—especially when the vintage look fits in so well with modern sensibilities.

Improve Your “Short Game”

We’re not talking about the kind of short game that’s good for golf, either. In this case, Classic Vintage Twill 9” Shorts are perfect for multiple seasons. They also make a fantastic alternative to that pair of cargo shorts you still keep around even though it went out of style several years ago.

A simple purchase of just one of these shorts will do a lot to improve your wardrobe’s style and versatility. But feel free to try out multiple colors to keep your outfits fresh.

Search for Men’s Retro Clothing Inspiration

Maybe you’re still not sure what retro clothing you want to buy because you’re not yet sure what you like. If that sounds like you, look for some inspiration:

  • Pick a particular period. Want to be inspired by men’s retro outfits from the 1950s and 1960s? Check out this Imgur Album of Massachusetts graduating classes and spot the looks you like. You’d be surprised how many of them hold up today.
  • Look for modern twists. Military Twill pants, for example, offer a modern casual look that’s inspired by military uniforms that have been around for ages.

Jot down a few notes to see which pieces really stand out for you. Chances are, this inspiration album can become a guide to a basic shopping list.

Look for Sales

Don’t have much of a budget for vintage clothing? Then you’ll have to stick to sales. Try to revisit our sales page every so often to see if there’s something that jumps out at you. If you don’t have a lot of money to spare, you’ll have to spend some time instead. But the rewards are well worth it every time you identify a quality piece for a price you can’t believe.

Try New Things

At some point, you’re going to have to try something new. It might be as simple as a new pair of Twill shorts. It might be as complicated as an entirely new retro outfit. But unless you try something new, you’ll never know just how much style you can pack into your wardrobe.

Shop Vintage & Retro Style Clothing Today

Shop our full collection and commit to trying something new at least once a month to keep your sense of style evolving. Even if you find that retro clothes suit you best, one’s sense of style can always use an update.