Pool Party Hacks: Stay Cool and Stylish this Summer

After the longest day of the year, summer is officially underway. And that means one thing: pool parties, and lots of them. If you want to stay cool while looking your summer best, then it pays to know a few pool party “hacks” that will keep you well-dressed and ready for a cannonball or two.

Buy a Pair of Simple, Versatile Shoes

Sure, you can get away with sandals a lot during summer, particularly if you’re on vacation. But sandals aren’t always appropriate. Plans can spring up quickly in the summer. You’ll need something summer-ready that you can pair with something a little dressier if need be, like Sahara Twill Flat Front shorts.

Instead of sandals this summer, consider a pair of slip-on shoes. These are about as casual and pool-ready as most sandals. When you wear slip-on shoes, though, you’ll also get to go more places that have “no shirt, no shoes, no service” signs out front.

Get Changed Quickly: Pack Pull-On Shorts

The worst part about pool parties? Having to get out of the pool. You don’t want to walk around all wet, and you don’t want to take time out of the party to change into something more appropriate.

Our suggestion? Cut down on the changing time with some handy Snappers 7” Pull-On Shorts. They’re every bit as easy to put on as they sound. Plus, they’re just as style-appropriate for the rest of the pool party as anything else already in your wardrobe.

Skip the Belt

Sure, it’s a crucial part of the “preppy” look. And we’re not telling you that the summertime belt should be done away with completely. But when it comes to pool parties, belts can be a little more in the way.

That’s why it’s a better idea to stick to something like Pull-On Shorts and do away with the belt for the moment. It will make changing in and out of your suit easy, and you’ll enjoy a snug, comfortable fit just as much as if you were wearing a belt the entire time.

If You’re Not Going to Swim, Wear Pants

It’s okay to wear pants to a pool party, especially if you’re attending a larger, formal pool party where you won’t necessarily expect to get in. If you have somewhere else to go later in the day and don’t want to mess up your outfit, wear a pair of Sahara Twill Pants with a light, summer-friendly color. Not only will you look the part, but you won’t be asked to get in the pool without your shorts, which makes attending the second event of the evening all the easier.

Pool parties aren’t always such serious business. They’re meant to be fun and laid back. But that doesn’t mean you can’t adequately prepare for your next pool party and make it as stylish and carefree as possible. These tips will keep you floating in style.