Find Great Online Clothing Deals for the Holidays

Whether it’s the holidays, a loved one’s birthday, or simply a gesture of goodwill on your part, you are eventually going to need to buy someone a gift. If you’re going to spend your hard-earned money, you want to make sure that gift will go to good use. There may be no gift that will get used as much as quality clothing. The problem? Good clothing can be expensive, and you don’t want to gift anything less than good clothing. The solution? Shop Vintage 1946, and use these tips to find the best deals.

First Things First: Spot the Sales

Black Friday only comes once a year, but if you know how to shop, you can always spot the deals year-round:

  • When you click to a new clothing site like, visit the Sale section first. This will show you which discounted clothes you have to pick from in a hurry. It beats searching through the normal site navigation for items that are already on sale. If you don’t see a “Sale” section on the site, move on to the next one.
  • Before you make a purchase, be sure to compare your item with similar articles on the site that aren’t for sale. Why? This will show you whether the markdown in price is on the level, or simply a way to get you to buy clothes that aren’t selling. For example, our Retro Stretch Polo White is currently on sale for less than $50, a significant discount over our other quality men’s shirts.

Once you start browsing by sales and take an extra moment or two to check up on the actual quality of the sale, you’ll be able to browse online clothing stores and save money with almost no effort. But what if the items you want aren’t on sale?

Finding Online Clothing Deals

There are other ways to find reduced prices on some of the best clothing options out there, and they don’t always involve sales:

  • Browse by color. Sometimes, colors that aren’t selling as well as others can come at a reduced price, even if the item itself isn’t technically on “sale.” Since color comes down to personal preference, this can be a quick way to find savings that most people simply ignore. A reduced item might be just the item that suits you!
  • Sort by different options. Color isn’t the only option out there. Compare the short-sleeved version of the same shirt with the long-sleeved version. Unless your gift recipient specifically asked for long sleeves, this is another way to find savings without reducing the quality of the article itself.

There are some mistakes to avoid as well. Beware of choosing a “cheap alternative” to a shirt, for example, because it’s made from a different fabric. This may slash money from your gifting budget, but it sometimes slashes quality from the final article. This is especially true if your gift recipient asked for a specific type of shirt or sweater.

Shop Vintage 1946 Today

Once you have a knack for shopping online, finding online clothing deals shouldn’t be difficult. All the while, you can shop from your favorite outlets like Vintage 1946 and ensure that your gift will be high-quality and long-lasting.

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