New Clothes Styles For Men From Vintage 1946

Just as seasons change, so do the styles men wear. And while Vintage 1946 keeps a close eye on the classic looks that won’t go away any time soon, we also like to introduce new clothes styles for men. This will allow you to look your best while keeping up with the latest trends. Here are some of the best ways to do just that.

Men’s Printed Shorts: Give Your Casual Outfits Some Flavor 

 You know the casual look: a group of men is posing for a photo, and you can’t help but notice they’re all wearing the exact same thing, only in different colors. Khaki shorts and a polo or button-down. Rinse and repeat.

If you want to give your outfits some additional flavor, have fun with some Men’s Printed Shorts. These shorts will keep the same level of casualness in your outfit while introducing an extra element that differentiates you from the crowd.

Men’s Linen Shorts: Some Contrast in Texture

If you want to wear a different kind of short but don’t necessarily prefer printed shorts, one alternative is to focus on texture. Linen offers a completely different look and feel from cotton shorts, which in turn gives your outfit a unique appeal, even if people can’t quite put their finger on what that might be.

You don’t have to venture too far off the beaten path here. Our Linen Cotton Shorts in Navy are a great alternative, as they have many of the same benefits of cotton, while implementing the comfort and casual style of linen.

Men’s High Performance Shorts: Get Active

 Maybe you don’t just want a certain type of look or feel—maybe you want performance, too. That’s where Men’s High Performance Shorts come in. These shorts can be as casual and athletic as you like. However, there are also high-performance shorts that will be indistinguishable from the restaurant-ready shorts that you need to feel comfortable in a range of social situations.

What makes them “high performance”? Little details like mesh pockets to hold onto items like your keys ensure that these are the shorts you’ll want to wear every day.

Woven Shirts

Woven shirts are nothing new, but we have plenty of on-trend Woven Shirts that match the latest styles. From the plaid boldness of our Authentic Madras Woven to a more conservative Fatigue Green shirt, there’s plenty for everyone in our Woven Shirts section.

Knit Shirts

What’s the latest in knitwear? Our Knit Shirts include classics like a Negative Slub Henley, but you can also find bolder patterns like the sublimated print present in our Space Dyed Crew Blue Shirt. These knit shirts are ideal for adding a unique twist to your usual casual style.

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Want more great ways to experiment with new styles for the next few seasons? Continue browsing all of our apparel available here at Vintage 1946. With our selections, you’ll look and feel great!

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