Dressing Cool With Men’s Warm Weather Clothing

What does it mean to “dress cool”? Most of the time, it’s a phrase that refers to style. But we mean it in the literal sense: if you’re going to make the most of your summer, you’re going to want to dress so you can handle the heat. Here are five of our favorite tips for dressing as cool as possible this summer along with some great men’s warm weather clothing items.

Pay Attention To Length

One of the best ways to stay cool is to ensure that there’s plenty of air circulating on your skin. That means you have to pay attention to the length of your shorts. Do you know how long your shorts are? If not, there’s a good chance that Snappers 7” shorts from Vintage 1946 will feel like a breath of fresh air compared to your current wardrobe.

These shorts are easy to put on and easy to wear, which makes them great for casual summer events or wearing around the house and getting the most of your AC unit.

Know Your Fabrics

Maybe that should be “fabric”—singular. Cotton is well-known as a great fabric for men’s warm weather clothing thanks to its ability to breathe as well as its overall comfort level. There are other summer-friendly fabrics, of course, including linen—and you can never go wrong with either. But cotton tends to be more common, and as a rule of thumb, it makes reading your summertime clothing purchases much easier. Look for cotton, especially if you’re purchasing something with a little more heft that needs to be breathable in hot weather.

You should also know the difference between fabrics and the style of weaving. Twill is made from 100% cotton, so don’t be thrown off when you see our vintage-style “Twill shorts.” The same is true for Seersucker Shorts, which offer another great summertime fabric weave.

Stick To Lighter Colors

There’s a reason that white is known as a summer color, and it becomes something of a fashion faux pas to wear white long after Labor Day. White reflects the most possible sunlight back into the air, which keeps the heat off you. The opposite is true of dark colors, especially black—they instead absorb more light, which translates to more heat and less comfort in summertime.

Does that mean you should wear exclusively white all summer? Of course not. When shopping for men’s warm weather clothing, just stick to the lighter versions of all your favorite colors—pale blues and reds, pinks, light greens, and most pastels. On the bright, sunny days, you’ll notice a major difference in how you feel.

Shorten Your Sleeves

If you wear a long sleeve woven shirt like this Navy Gingham shirt, you’ll feel a lot cooler if you roll up the sleeves. The trick? Getting them to stay up. (Check out Esquire Magazine’s tips for pulling off a proper cuff).

You can also stick to short-sleeve shirts, whether that means tees, polos, or short-sleeve button downs. Sneaking in a short-sleeve button down under your suit is a nice way to make it more breathable while keeping up appearances for office meetings and job interviews.

Update Your Wardrobe

If you’ve read through the previous four tips and found yourself woefully undersupplied for a hot summer, it might be time for you to browse through our Vintage 1946 shorts. Shop today, and find high quality men’s warm weather clothing that will get you through the season!