Men’s Vintage Short Sleeve Shirts – Casual & Breezy

You want the elevated style of a shirt with a collar—but not necessarily the insulating properties of a long-sleeve option. That’s why they invented the short-sleeve button-down, which should be a staple in any man’s wardrobe. But how exactly do you pull off the casual look while maintaining a breezy, summer-ready outfit? Here are two of our favorite men’s vintage short sleeve shirts in the Vintage 1946 collection!

The Summer Oxford In Blue

What goes with a short-sleeve summer shirt like this? Here are a couple of suggestions:Our Summer Oxford Short Sleeve Shirt in Blue brings a lot of versatility to the table. It’s crafted carefully with summer weight oxford cloth and patterned for a nice visual texture. Plus, the central color here—blue—is exceptional at pairing with just about any color shorts or pants you might want to try.

  • With a patterned shirt like the Summer Oxford, you’ll generally want to keep things a little more traditional with solid-colored Classic Vintage Twill shorts. While we love our plaids and prints, you do have to be careful about colors and patterns clashing with each other. Of course, if you want a fun, summer look—there’s nothing better than a large splash of color.
  • Military Twill Pants are made from 100% cotton, which gives them plenty of breathability. But it’s also about the weave here—military twill came about as a way to maintain uniform standards even in hot weather, which means that these are the ideal pants to pair with a short sleeve shirt if you want to keep things “breezy” in the summer but still have to keep those legs covered.

No matter what you decide, it’s not difficult to pull off the smart but casual look with one of our men’s vintage short sleeve shirts. But what if you want to make a bolder choice when it comes to color?

The Summer Oxford In Pink

Pink, in addition to being a light and playful color, has the added benefit of reflecting plenty of sunlight. One tip in warm weather is to wear colors that reflect more light than they absorb, which in turn keeps the wearer cool.

It’s not hard to imagine the Summer Oxford Button-Down in Pink offering that kind of protection. Like the blue option, it’s made from summer weight oxford cloth, which is both light and substantial. Plus, the classic fit ensures that the shirt won’t clamp down on you and trap in the heat.

For pairing other clothes in your wardrobe with this shirt, you can follow the same advice as above: solid colors will work particularly well, especially solid colors like khaki that help pull an entire outfit together visually.

When it comes to accessories, try to wear shoes without socks (when feasible) or even sandals for that extra-casual look. A simple watch and a pair of sunglasses should be enough to round off the “casual, breezy” look.

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