Men’s Vintage Knit Shirts for Every Occasion

When the sun’s shining, you might not think it’s an ideal time for a “knit shirt.” But you’d be surprised. Men’s vintage Knit shirts like the ones you see here at Vintage 1946 are more than just thick outer layers. They also qualify as pieces that can work in a wardrobe no matter the season. Here are a few of our recommendations—and where they best fit your sartorial needs. 

For a Casual Day Outdoors: the Henley

Admit it: when you hear the phrase “knit shirt,” you think of Christmas gifts and hand-knitted sweatshirts from Grandma. But a men’s vintage knit shirt can be loose and comfortable, perfectly capable of handling a day of dry heat. That’s where the Henley shirt comes in. They’re similar to long-sleeve T-shirts, only the collar is split with buttons, which breaks up the monotony of your everyday wear and gives you a new dimension.

If you want to get some versatility out of your henleys, then make sure you go with versatile colors. Here are a couple of recommendations:

  • Charcoal. A charcoal color is an option that fits with just about any pair of shorts or pants you might choose for your outfit.
  • Ice Blue. This light shade of blue can go well with a pair of jeans or even with khakis for a slightly dressier look.

Since all our henleys feature a cotton-polyester blend, you get the best of both worlds: a light, comfortable fabric that’s durable enough to handle those casual days you spend outside.

For Get-Togethers: The Q-Zip

The Q-Zip, or quarter-zip, is a versatile and casual option that layers great and works just fine on its own. In that way, it’s one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can add to your wardrobe.

The Q-Zip is also a multi-climate sort of piece. Not only can it be worn open when there’s just a hint of chill outside, but it can be bundled up with another layer like a button-down to ensure that you trap in as much heat as possible. Like the Henleys above, these are typically made from a cotton-poly blend that combines both comfort and insulation with the durability you’d expect from an everyday shirt.

Try the Flat Back Rib Q-Zip in Navy to see how quickly you can add a whole new dimension to your everyday clothes.

For Lounging Around: The Roll Back Henley

There’s another type of Henley that works great for casual wearing as well as heading out for get-togethers—the Roll Back Henley. Our 2 Button Roll Back Henley in Mushroom is a fine example of this: it’s simple and modern without ever ditching the influence of the classic vintage look in all of our clothing. It looks just as good on casual Fridays as it does in a college class, or simply wearing around on the weekends when you want to wear something comfortable.

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