7 Men's Vacation Clothes You Need to Pack

Heading out on vacation? Odds are you’ll want to wear more than a graphic tee and some boring cargo shorts. In fact, you’ll enjoy your vacation destination even more if you dress for it!

But what if you’re not sure what to pack or wear? Good news – Vintage 1946 is here to help. Read on to find seven men’s vacation clothes you need to pack. Or, if you’re ready to start packing your bags for vacation, start shopping the Vintage 1946 collections.

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Shirts – Tees and More

You definitely need a few shirts to cover up your chest as you adventure. But you may not want to bring tons of graphic tee shirts, which are better suited for lazy Sundays at home.

Instead, pick up some pastel-colored or other classy collared T-shirts. These are perfect for museum tours, going out on a nice date with your significant other on vacation, and more. Regular T-shirts are also fine, though they should not have busy graphics in favor of simple logos or plain colors.

Toss in Some Button-Down Vacay Shirts

For even more vacation elegance and formal preparation, consider packing some button-down vacation-ready shirts. Button-down shirts are perfect for pairing with nicer shorts or tailored slacks: an absolute necessity if you plan on doing something fancy while on vacation, like attending a nice party.

Swim Trunks

It's not a summertime vacation without a pair of swim trunks ready to go! What if you want to take a dip in the ocean or jump into the river with your friends? You'll need some swim-ready legwear in your pack.

Pick up a pair of quality swim trunks in a pattern and color that you really like. Remember, the best swim trunks are bold, iconic, and even a little silly.

Summer-Ready Shorts

On the other hand, you’ll need to pack your suitcase or backpack with non-swim trunks. You’ll need other shorts to wear when you don’t expect to be in the water.

The best choices? Versatile shorts made with quick-drying fabrics. Pick up the right pairs of shorts, and you’ll have legwear that will serve you well outdoors plus not be too uncomfortable if you do decide to take an unplanned dip in a river or swimming pool. What’s not to like?

Take Vintage 1946’s sport shorts, for example. These versatile shorts come with short inseams, elastic waistbands, and a durable hybrid material optimized for both land and sea adventures. They even come with secure zippered rear and side pockets, so you can safely store your keys and wallet without worry.

Or you could try Vintage 1946’s Gurkha Hybrid Shorts. These are also made with stretchable, quick-drying fabric. More importantly, they feature 9-inch inseams, so they are ideal for going out around town with your friends or for engaging in other vacation adventures. If you do get wet, no worries!

Picking flexible and versatile shorts is the best way to keep your suitcase selections ready for anything.

Sandals and Other Shoes

What about footwear? When you’re on vacation, nothing signals comfort and casualness like sandals. Padded or well-designed sandals can keep your feet cool and be comfortable enough to walk around for hours on end. Just make sure they can handle the marches you have planned – the last thing you want is for your feet to ache because you took an unplanned hike up a local mountain or through a big museum!

You may also want to pack a few extra pairs of shoes, like converse, sneakers, or even Oxford shoes (to go with the above-mentioned nice shirt and slacks, if needed). Take at least two pairs of shoes in case you lose one of them or have to swap out your footwear for another reason.

Glasses + Accessories

Don’t leave home without a pair of sunglasses packed in your suitcase! Odds are wherever you go, the sun will shine brightly overhead, and it’ll do you no good to tire out your eyes unnecessarily.

Other accessories you might want to pack include:

  • A quality watch. Try not to bring more than one, as losing your suitcase may also mean that you lose your favorite timepieces
  • A good belt or two, preferably made of leather
  • Some sunscreen and other “consumable” accessories

Oh, and don’t forget to pack plenty of socks!

Wrap Up

Wearing the right clothes can enhance your vacation experience from start to finish. You'll feel comfortable and look great in all the photos you take to memorialize the event. Check out Vintage 1946’s Spring Collection items for even more options to pack in your vacation suitcase!

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