Men’s Style Advice – Small Tweaks That Can Make Major Upgrades

You’re ambitious when it comes to your fashion. You work to look your best, and you understand how your clothes should look and fit. You’re ready for major upgrades in your wardrobe—and you’re ready for them to happen, now. The problem? You don’t have the budget for “major upgrades.” The good news? At Vintage 1946, we have plenty of men’s style advice for making small, affordable changes in your style that yield maximum results.

The Collar Stay: A Crisp Look Every Time

True, a collar stay in one of our casual woven shirts isn’t always necessary. But if you want to maintain a crisp, dressed-up look and find that your shirt collar never quite “stays” the way it should, a small investment in a collar stay is an easy-insert solution that will have you looking your best.

Best of all: you only need one collar stay. Simply slip it in each shirt you use as you wear it. Then keep it handy on your dresser when you’re not using it.

A Visit To The Tailor For Casual Clothes

Let’s be honest about the state of modern American clothing. Too many of us see a trip to the tailor as a special event—something we do ahead of weddings so that our rented tuxes look right. But a first-name relationship with your tailor can be much more rewarding—and far less expensive—than you might imagine.

For a few dollars, you can change a shirt that used to look baggy on you to something that looks like it was designed for your silhouette. Because it was. A few slight alterations at the tailor are not expensive, but they will completely change the way a shirt fits you for the better. And once altered, you can go on wearing that shirt again and again, getting more value than if you were to buy a new shirt altogether. 






Learn How To Match A Tie To A Shirt

When you wear a shirt with a collar, you’ll occasionally put a tie through that collar. This men’s style advice may seem like a no-brainer, but it helps to know a few basic rules for matching a shirt with the appropriate tie:

  • Your tie should be darker than the shirt. Call this a “rule of thumb.” It’s possible you might come across a combination where a lighter tie looks good—but the odds are against it. For example, a dark navy tie will always look good when paired with a pale blue shirt.
  • Take the time to get the length of your tie right. The very tip of the tie should just barely touch the top of your waistband. Think of this as your “happy medium.” It will prevent your tie from getting too long when you hunch over and from getting too short when you stretch out.

Planning on Sweating? Wear Dark Clothes

For dancing and hot outdoor events, it's tempting to go with white. But you'll stand a better chance of avoiding obvious sweat stains if you opt for darker shades instead. It's a small touch that will have you feeling more confident when you could really use a boost. 







A Curated Collection

Want another upgrade in your wardrobe? Looking for more budget friendly men’s style advice? Browse our collections here at Vintage 1946 for all sorts of ways to improve your style.