Don’t Miss These Awesome Men’s Spring Shorts


Spring is the season where everything feels new. Spring cleaning makes your garage feel like new. Spring growth means the world outside feels like new again. Shouldn’t your wardrobe expand to match it? It should if you suffer from a complete lack of spring-ready shorts. And if you don’t know which to get, don’t worry—we have three suggestions for must-have shorts that you can secure for yourself before spring hits in earnest.

Classic Vintage Twill 7” Shorts

.What’s so great about twill? It might be easier to ask what’s not great about them. That’s because twill offers a sturdy-yet-comfortable cotton touch that is perfect for those in-between months—especially if you’re one of those people who likes to break out the shorts before anyone else will.

Our vintage twill shorts are 100% cotton, which makes them breathable. They’re also enzyme washed to help enhance texture and durability, which will give you a solid layer of protection against the spring breeze. The length is stylish and “just right,” which means not too short for the cooler spring months, but not so long that you’ll feel out of place, either

In other words, these shorts are a great selection for versatility. The only question? Stretch or Classic.

Stretch Twill Flat Front Shorts

Our classic vintage twill will look great with just about anything, making it the perfect material for men’s spring shorts. But sometimes you want something a little less dressy and geared toward performance. For that we recommend Stretch Twill Flat Front Shorts. They’re casual, comfortable, and ready for action. The slight stretchiness to the fabric gives them the feeling of “performance” shorts, which is thanks to the 2% spandex, 98% cotton mix.

Think of these as the version of twill shorts that’s built for hiking and getting outdoors—without resorting to the low durability of shorts you’d find in the bargain bin. The real advantage here is that you can continue wearing your flat front shorts to other places, thanks to their versatility—you wouldn’t look out of place in a casual restaurant after a hike, for example

Classic Vintage Twill 9” Shorts

Let’s say that where you live, the climate isn’t so eager to move from winter into “shorts weather” all that fast. What do you do? Add some length. Our Classic Vintage Twill 9” shorts are great for those breezy days when you know you can wear shorts—but you know it’s not quite yet “beach weather,” either.

These are great for pairing with sweatshirts, for example, just to get your legs some sun. They’re also a touch more formal than the other shorts since they cover more skin. This makes them great for sit-down affairs like get-togethers and family dinners.

More Great Spring Fashion At Vintage 1946

It’s never too early to plan a great wardrobe for the next season. Keep browsing all the options you have in men’s spring shorts and other vintage clothing here at Vintage 1946 to find what you’ll need as spring and summer roll around.