Men's Smart Casual Fashion Ideas

“Smart” and “casual.” On the surface, they’re two different styles of dressing—one is dressing up for a stylish impact, the other is dressing down for maximum comfort. But is it possible to merge the two to create versatile outfits that reek of “smart casual”? We’ve put together a few men’s smart casual fashion ideas so you can look your best in a variety of situations.

Outfit #1: The Button-Downed Look



A good button-down shirt is a great option for men’s smart casual fashion. Unlike the button-up collar, it’s a little more laid back and casual. But because it has buttons and a collar, it elevates your overall look and gives you a more even silhouette.

Our Touch Finish Vintage Twill Shirt in Blue is an ideal starting piece. The casual, laid-back pattern works well and can layer with a sweater if you need a bit more warmth. And because it’s made from 100% cotton, you know it’s going to be comfortable.

What about the pants? Try these Classic Vintage Twill Relax Fit pants in Stone. These will bring your outfit a lighter twist on the usual “khaki” look, which in turn fits well with the palette of the shirt. These pants are also 100% cotton, which helps you enjoy the comfort of “casual” while still looking your best.

Outfit #2: A Classic Look



What if you want something that’s a little more conventional—a safe you might wear to impress a date?

Let’s start with the pants this time. Yes, it’s great to wear a pair of khakis, but you can mix it up with our Military Twill Classic Fit Pants in Fatigue. These pants have a “dressy” quality to them due to their military style, which brings the “smart” element to your look.

Now let’s mix it up with something a little more casual. Try our Drop Needle Q-Zip in Oatmeal. This is a comfortable, cozy piece that features a mixture of cotton and polyester for added winter durability, making this overall outfit an “all seasons” ensemble you can wear in a variety of situations.

Men’s Smart Casual Fashion Tips

Want more men’s smart casual fashion ideas? Start to piece together your own looks with the following tips:

  • Pick a palette. A “smart” look means you should look put-together and intentional. Make sure you stick to a basic color palette and avoid clashing.
  • Wear something with structure. A T-shirt won’t do it. A polo shirt, on the other hand, has structure at the collar. Button-downs and quarter-zips can work as well. To upgrade from casual to smart-casual, try the structure of wearing something with a collar.

Want more options for smart-casual looks that will have you feeling your most confident? Then keep browsing Vintage 1946 to find the best in class men’s clothes.