Men’s Short-Sleeve Woven Shirts [Fashion Guide]

There’s nothing like a good woven shirt to help you embrace warmer weather. When you choose men’s short-sleeve woven shirts, you class up your wardrobe with an alternative to the usual T-shirt. But if you’re not used to casual button-downs, some questions pop up. What should you wear with them? When are they most appropriate to wear? To answer those questions, we’re sharing our five best tips for pulling off the short-sleeve woven shirt.

Choose a Versatile Option First

Light pink, white, blues—stick with the most versatile shirts like this Summer Oxford Short Sleeve Sky shirt when you make your first purchase. These are “versatile” colors because they’ll pair well with just about anything: khaki shorts, denim, chinos, etc. The more you get used to wearing short-sleeve woven shirts that fit with your entire wardrobe, the better.


One reason a versatile option like the Summer Oxford Short Sleeve shirt works so well is that it provides a foundation from which you can build the rest of your outfit. You can pair accessories like a watch, a belt, even leather necklaces and bracelets for a casual look. Since these shirts go so well with casual options, you’ll find that a pair of sunglasses for a walk at the beach fit right in.

Give Your Outfit a Splash of Color

Once you have a nice collection of short-sleeve woven shirts in your wardrobe, you can start to experiment with new and bold colors. Plaids & Prints are particularly effective at giving your outfit an added dimension.

Plaids & Prints tend to make for casual options, such as summer get-togethers or lounging around the house. But you can also pair a wide variety of chinos with your short-sleeve woven shirts for a look that’s more office-appropriate.

In Cooler Months, Use Short-Sleeve Shirts for Layering

You might look at these woven shirts and think they’re only designed for summer. But short sleeves fit in with colder climates just as well when you add layering on top. There’s no reason you can’t add a sweater over a short-sleeve shirt, for example. Although most prefer to pair blazers with long sleeve shirts so that the cuffs extend around the wrists, you can even update your business wardrobe with the investment of a short-sleeve woven shirt or two.

Avoid an Undershirt

You’re free to wear these shirts however you want, but with the 100% cotton construction, there’s really no reason to wear an undershirt. These short sleeve woven shirts are meant to be enjoyed as a single piece—adding a layer underneath will only get in the way. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll likely find the lightness and the feel of the fabric will be an improvement over a T-shirt.

Stock Up On Summer Fashion

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