Men's School Shorts From Vintage 1946

Our men’s school shorts from Vintage 1946 will allow you to feel both comfortable and stylish when you sit down to learn. The last thing you need is for your clothes to distract you in the classroom—that’s why we’ve put together a few suggestions on how to look and feel great in your outfits for the next school year.

How Shorts Should Fit in School

The way your shorts should fit in school should fall in line with most men’s style guidelines: find shorts that rest above your kneecap when standing. They should keep their position on your waist, even without a belt. But once you have these essentials down, you may also want to consider the following:

  • For longer legs, get longer shorts. We offer Classic Vintage Twill shorts in both 7” versions and 9” versions. What’s the difference? You. If you have longer legs, shorter shorts will visually lengthen them, which throws off your proportions. Match your short length to your legs accordingly.


  • Match the fabric to the temperature. It’s not just about fabric fit. You should also make sure that the choice of the fabric itself fits the situation. Cotton makes a great catch-all fabric, but you might also consider wearing linen shorts in the hottest months of school. These linen/cotton shorts are ideal for keeping the sweat away so you’re free to focus on your work.


Trying a Variety of Short Colors in School

You don’t want to be that guy who always wears the same color. Sure, it’s great when a pair of khaki shorts have the versatility to be worn every day, but it’s also good to bring variety into your wardrobe. Break up your routine by trying different colors. For starters, here are a few colors that are just as versatile as khaki:

If that pattern gets too predictable, you can always experiment with unique short patterns and bolder colors, such as:

What to Wear with Your Shorts at School

The simplest answer here is to pair your shorts with a decent pair of loafers or boat shoes.

Depending on the context, you may find that a variety of tops pair well with high-quality shorts. A button-down dress shirt may be a bit much for a casual class, but in many cases, you can get away with a polo or even a casual tee.

As the months get cooler, you might also want to consider changing your tops before you change out of your shorts. Crisp autumn days are perfect for pairing sweaters and sweatshirts with shorts.

Try Our Men’s School Shorts from Vintage 1946

You work hard to focus on school—don’t let uncomfortable clothes get in the way. When you purchase a pair of shorts from Vintage 1946, you’re sure to feel fantastic and look equally stylish. We have everything you need to put together a great outfit every time.