Why You Need Men's Reversible Shorts in Your Dresser

men's reversible shorts

There’s nothing that justifies the purchase of clothing quite like versatility. Yet what most people think of “versatility” is merely an article of clothing that pairs well with others. Few people realize that there are clothes that can quite literally offer two-for-one value. But that’s just what a pair of men’s reversible shorts at Vintage 1946 can provide. If you’ve never owned a pair yourself, it’s time to consider why these shorts might make the most valuable addition to your wardrobe that you’ve had in a long time.

Reversible Shorts Don’t Force You to Make a Decision

Take our Reversible Shorts in Blue, for instance. These shorts are khaki on the outside but patterned and stylish on the inside. They look pool party appropriate with one style and ready for a more formal summer get-together with the other. If you don’t have to make a decision right away, reversible shorts like these let you size up the situation first.What’s the hardest part about trying on an outfit? Simple: making the decision. Once you make that decision, the outfit is final—at least until you can find a place to change. With men’s reversible shorts, you’re not quite so committed to any one iteration of an outfit. That means you have the flexibility to easily change—either opting for a more casual or a more formal style—at a moment’s notice.

More Value for Your Fashion Dollar

This isn’t to say that these shorts always represent black-and-white, yin-and-yang options. The Reversible Short in Light Blue, for example, represents a choice between a fun “tropical” pattern and madras. Both of these shorts give your outfit plenty of color and more than their fair share of fun, which means they can be a perfect way to pack two vacation shorts while only taking up the travel space of one piece of clothing.Most clothing investments are simple: you pay for an article of clothing and you receive just one piece of clothing. But these shorts reverse this traditional paradigm by giving you more options for the same amount of money.

Build a More Versatile Wardrobe with Reversible Shorts

The more versatility you can squeeze out of your wardrobe, the more money you can save. This isn’t just true for items like a white button-down shirt, which pairs well with just about everything from shorts to suits. You should always look for maximum versatility in your shorts and accessories as well. Men’s reversible shorts provide more value while helping you to expand your wardrobe, mixing up your daily looks so you almost never have to repeat a single style.

Find Your Favorite Pair Today

Browse through our full collection of reversible shorts to find the pair (or should we say “pairs”) that matches your unique style. When shopping, be sure to click on each pair to see what the shorts look like on the reverse side. Chances are, you’ll find the reversible shorts that can match the events you frequent—two at a time.