Men’s Pull On Shorts With Vintage Style

men's pull on shorts

If you’re a fan of our Snappers, then you already know how light, convenient, and fun these shorts can be. But perhaps you don’t like the 5” construction and want the comfort of a Snapper in something a little longer. If that’s your preference, 7” Snappers give you the best of both worlds. These vintage style men’s pull on shorts offer a unique and convenient style with incredible comfort. Not convinced? Here are a few good reasons to choose these pull on shorts!

More Coverage

Although lots of people love short shorts, let’s face it: they’re not for everybody. And it’s perfectly fine to have a personal preference independent of where some style trends might push you. That’s why the 7” coverage of our Snappers Men’s Pull-on Shorts are a great choice for your summer wardrobe. You can enjoy the same style and the same pull-on convenience of a great pair of shorts but cover a little bit more leg. Whether it’s personal preference or the breezy weather driving you to a longer pair of shorts, chances are, you’ll find plenty of use for them.

More Length = More Versatility

Don’t get us wrong: the 5” Snappers are fun, light, and perfect for use all summer long. But sometimes you have to head indoors. The 7” style can mean more versatility. That means you can easily pair them with something a little dressier up top if you want to run some errands or even check out a casual restaurant. These shorts are a little more conventional when it comes to fit, which might be the missing element your wardrobe needs.

Plenty of Color Options

Charleston Brick, Khaki, Blueberry. No matter what your fancy might be, we have the color that will suit you just fine. Whether you want something light and pastel for spring or a classic color that will last you all summer, the color options we offer cover all of your fundamentals.


One of the best things about pulling on a pair of Snappers is that it’s quick and easy. There may be no item in our offering that is easier to put on than a pair of Snappers. The elastic waist fit makes them feel as comfortable as putting on a pair of athletic shorts—except the look you end up with will be a lot more dressy and versatile.

These men’s pull on shorts are also very easy to pack for vacations. You can easily fit a few pairs of them in your bag before the bulk starts to add up, which will give you more options for picking what else to fit in your luggage.

Temperature Control

No, there’s no futuristic button on these Snappers that will give you a personal air conditioning unit. But on a warm day, the sensible length and breezy, 100% cotton fabric will give you plenty of cooling effect. Should the weather cool down, the enhanced 7” coverage gives you a little bit more wiggle room when it comes to personal comfort.

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Add it all up and you have a pair of men’s pull on shorts that’s ready for anything—and so easy to put on that you’ll never have to worry about how quickly you can change. And don’t forget to browse all of our vintage shorts to find the piece that’s perfect for you.