These Men’s Pastel Shorts Are Perfect For Spring!

You know all of those winter-hating people who say that they can’t wait for summer? They have it all wrong. What they really mean is that they can’t wait for spring. Spring is when the warm weather returns. Spring is when school lets out. And spring is ultimately the first season across the country where everyone starts wearing shorts again. That’s what everyone’s looking forward to the most. Don’t have your spring wear ready yet? Try these men’s pastel shorts!

Vintage Inspired Pastel Colored Shorts

Spring is the season associated with rebirth, rejuvenation, and bright, sunny colors. That’s why it’s the best season to wear pastel colors. If you want your pastel fix, we recommend these Classic Vintage Twill 7” Shorts in Sky. They’re cool, comfortable, and made from 100% cotton in a southern twill weave. These shorts are ideal for pairing with long-sleeve shirts when the weather’s not quite feeling so “spring-like” just yet, but they’re also great for wearing with a simple polo or even a T-shirt on the weekends!

Snappers In Charleston Brick

Charleston Brick is one of the quintessential colors in shorts—so why not make them even easier to wear when you pair the color with our Snappers? Snappers are easy to pull on, making them great for taking with you for quick changing at a pool party or even on a weekend trip. Snappers 7” in Charleston Brick will likely be your go-to shorts for a range of situations—and that can last well into the summer and even beyond Labor Day.

Flat Front Shorts

Lush greens abound in spring. Celebrate growth and style in a pair of Shale Green Flat Front Shorts! Featuring compact stretch micro twill and a 7” inseam, these shorts are exceptionally comfortable. The unique green color and vintage washed look make them stylish too!

Long Shorts For Cooler Days

Not all days in spring will be warm. Some may be unseasonably cool. That’s why you can round off your wardrobe with longer shorts like this pair of Sunny Stretch Twill Flat Front Shorts. The 8.5” inseam gives you a little more coverage, making this the kind of shorts you might wear with a sweatshirt when winter refuses to give up come March and April.

More Options From Vintage 1946

We have more great men’s pastel shorts available to take your wardrobe into the next season. Continue shopping at Vintage 1946 for everything you’ll need in 2018!