Men's Pants for Fall: Four Versatile Pairs to Consider

Want to update your wardrobe for an entirely new season? There’s no better way to invest in your wardrobe than by acquiring a pair of pants that’s versatile enough to go with everything you’ll wear this fall, winter, and even spring. Here are a few of our favorite suggestions for versatile fall pants for men.

Appalachian Moss (Currently on Sale!)

Have you ever heard of a more autumn-appropriate color than Appalachian Moss? There’s nothing that says “earth tone” quite like this sleek, stylish shade of brown.

Even better, these twill pants are currently on sale, which means there’s never been a better time to shop for your men’s pants for autumn. Featuring 10 ounces of heavy duty cotton and tunnel belt loops for easy accessorizing with your belt, we wouldn’t be surprised if this pair of pants ended up being your favorite all winter as well.

Stretch Corduroy Fatigue

Our Stretch Corduroy Fatigue’s deep, pine-like shade of green is more fall than spring—and you can tell that the instant your eyes fall on it. It doesn’t hurt that corduroy pants are made one of the best fabric styles for autumn, offering an additional level of warmth and comfort for cooling temperatures.

The unique cotton-elastine fabric combination here is capable of handling a variety of weather types, which is vital in an inconsistent season like fall. And since it’s just stretchy enough, you’ll be able to take your corduroy pants out hiking or for a backyard barbecue as easily as you do to the office.

Sahara Twill Slim Fit Dusty Midnight

Who ever said that only earth tones work in fall? True, you might not want to trot out the same spring and summer colors you’ve gotten used to over the past several months. But with a lighter shade of blue in these twill pants, you’ll have plenty of versatility for pairing with just about any top you can think of. Blue also happens to match well with both brown and black, which gives you more versatility when considering your shoes.

Our Sahara Twill Slim Fit Pants in Dusty Midnight pair very well with white as well—so don’t be afraid to go ahead and continue wearing white, even if you’re not technically supposed to do it after Labor Day. We won’t tell if you won’t.

Sahara Twill Trim Fit Smoked Pearl

Finally, we come to one of the lightest autumn-appropriate pants in the Vintage wardrobe: Sahara Twill Trim Fit Pants in Smoked Pearl. This versatile offshoot of a light, metallic grey is a great foundation for just about any autumn sweater you could think to wear—and that includes a variety of earth tones. Maroons, browns, pines—all of it works when you have a versatile pair of twill pants like this.

The lighter shade of these twill pants allows some contrast with the other items you might associate with fall: dark brown boots, leather belts, and long sleeves that come all the way down to the pockets. If you want some versatility that will last you through fall and even until winter, it’s hard to beat a light color that stays in its element all year long.