Men's Outerwear You Can Wear in Spring

When you think of men’s outerwear, what season do you picture? For most men, it’s winter—or some portion of spring or fall that’s closest to winter. And that can be disappointing. You work hard to find the best and most stylish outerwear options available, and then the season is over in a flash.

But good outerwear shouldn’t have to be so limited. That’s why today, we’re highlighting some light men’s outerwear you can wear in spring as well as across multiple seasons. Here are some of our favorite selections.

Drop Needle Quarter Zip - Oatmeal

One of the best combinations for spring is a cotton/polyester blend in the fabric that provides plenty of breathability. The polyester hybrid also brings the strength and durability you would want to wear across multiple seasons. This Drop Needle Quarter Zip includes both with a 60/40 cotton/poly blend that’s perfect to sport even if the weather is starting to warm up in the spring.

With the quarter zip, you always have the option of wearing a light T-shirt or V-neck underneath to minimize the “layered” look when you don’t need them. And while this quarter zip makes for a great piece of layering in winter, it will shine even more as a feature top when you wear it in the spring.

Polar Fleece Vest

We know what you’re thinking. With a name like “Polar Fleece,” it must be solely for winter, right? Well, sure—this vest uses a durable 100% polyester construction for maximum comfort in the cold months. There’s no denying that. But there’s also no denying that this is a vest designed to go over a sweatshirt, for example, if its’ too cold out. If it’s not? You can layer it with cooler clothes and still enjoy plenty of protection and comfort when it’s springtime.

Let’s face it: spring sometimes has those in-between days when you’re not sure what to wear. Two layers? A jacket? Just a shirt? This is one of those pieces that works for the “in-between” days, giving you an appropriate style and plenty of comfort to match the weather.

Sherpa Lined Washed Canvas Shirt Jacket

We’ll be honest: this is a warm shirt jacket. The Sherpa lining helps see to that. However, if the spring weather still isn’t quite cool enough for you to wear your lightest jacket, this can be a great alternative. Button up this Sherpa Lined Washed Canvas Shirt Jacket around a T-shirt to give yourself the feeling of breathability during spring. Enjoy the Sherpa lining for comfort on those misty days, and remember that the enzyme washed canvas makes for a fun spring texture that works just as well throughout fall.

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Want more great men’s outerwear you can wear in the spring? Keep browsing our Men’s Outerwear Collection to find the pieces that don’t just work in the coldest months, but keep you stylish all year long.