Men’s Long Sleeve Knit Shirts: Four Tips for Outfit Success

Men’s long sleeve knit shirts are the epitome of classic, casual Americana. So it shouldn’t be hard to put together an outfit with this article of clothing, right? You’d be surprised. Fortunately, we have four tips that make choosing the right outfit pairings for your long sleeve knit shirt much easier.

Keep it Casual.

Wearing a men’s long-sleeved knit shirt like our Slub Knit Double Crew looks great, but it’s also a casual piece. Knowing that, you’ll want to pair it with other casual pieces in your wardrobe, including:

Jeans will work here as well. The key: you don’t want to send mixed signals with your outfit. Suit pants and a long sleeved knit shirt won’t go together, just as you wouldn’t pair a button-down shirt with a pair of athletic shorts.

Wear an accessory or two.

A quality men’s long sleeve knit shirt is a perfect base for an outfit. That’s a bit like saying a layer of cake is an excellent base for a dessert. There’s plenty of room here for ornamentation: sunglasses, a watch, a necklace, a bracelet, etc. You don’t have to wear “all of the above,” but mixing up the outfit with a few custom touches will help you stand out from the crowd while highlighting the knit shirt itself.

One of the most popular accessories? The belt. With a casual knit shirt, you’ll generally keep it untucked, but there’s no reason you can’t include a belt for the “partial-tuck” look.

Don’t forget about color.

Let’s be honest: long sleeve knit shirts like this 2-button Roll Back Henley in Indigo are simple tops. With a simple top, it’s easy to forget about the color in your outfit. Pairing it with jeans will work, but try to remember other aspects of your outfit like a winter coat, a scarf, or even the boots or shoes you wear.

One of the best ways to differentiate yourself from the crowd is to wear an outfit that’s been consciously assembled, not hastily thrown together at the last moment. And one of the first signs that you know what you’re doing? Pairing versatile colors like brown with interesting knit colors, including Indigo.


It’s tempting to believe that you should look “100 percent put together” every time you head out of the house, but the truth is, most people don’t notice. So why not experiment with new clothes for your outfit and see what sticks? If you keep looking for the outfit pairings that best suit your comfort and your personality, eventually, you will find a combination with your long sleeve knit shirt that sticks.