Men’s Linen Blend Shorts: Why You Should Make The Switch

mens linen blend shorts

Cotton, wool, polyester. That’s all you need to know about the modern world of shorts and fabrics, right? Wrong. Linen is one of the most essential fabrics around and has been for thousands of years—which means it’s fair to say that this textile is here to stay. But why is linen so especially great for shorts, and what kind of benefits can it offer to make you consider trying something new in your dresser drawers? Here’s everything you need to know about men’s linen blend shorts, along with a few great product recommendations from Vintage 1946.

Top Linen Blend Shorts From Vintage 1946

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A Brief History of Linen

Linen comes from flax, a high-fiber plant that when woven into linen creates a cool fabric especially suited for summer and climates with year-round hot weather. Societies from ancient Mesopotamia to ancient Egypt realized the benefits of weaving flax into linen. In some cases, pieces of linen were even used as forms of currency.

Today’s linen is generally compared to cotton for its benefits in the hot weather. Although cotton is very soft and breathable, linen’s origins in the flax plant make it a strong, high-fiber fabric that’s extremely durable and resistant to tearing. Wild cotton is very soft compared to wild flax, but through the weaving process, linen slowly acquires the gentle-on-the-skin suppleness with which we associate modern linen.

That means that today’s men’s linen blend shorts have the best of both worlds. They’re soft and cool, creating maximum comfort during the hottest months of the year. And they’re also durable enough to justify their purchase as a long-term investment in your wardrobe.

Reasons to Make the Switch to Linen

The cotton vs. linen shorts debate doesn’t mean you have to stop using one to enjoy the other. But there are plenty of benefits to using linen blend clothing, like:

  • Wicking away moisture. Cotton tends to absorb a lot of moisture. Linen, on the other hand, can absorb plenty of moisture before it begins to have the “damp” feeling you might associate with cotton. Linen also maintains much of its quality when wet, which means that even if it does rain on you… you’ll still get the durability and comfort you’d usually expect.
  • Hollow fibers. What’s the significance of hollow fibers? Lightness and coolness. While linen can help insulate during the warmer months, it’s especially suited for warm climates thanks to its ability to keep air circulating and your clothing feeling light. Those hollow fibers are strong without taking up a lot of weight, which makes the clothing high-performance as well.

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