Men’s Knit Shirts At Work: A Quick Fashion Guide

You love your job. You want to be great at it. You want to dress your best and look the part. There’s just one problem: you also want to feel comfortable while you work. Since you very well can’t work as hard as you like without feeling comfortable, we’ve put together some information on wearing men’s knit shirts at work. Get the best of both worlds. Feel comfortable and look your most professional.

Step #1: Know the Code

The “code” in this context of course refers to the dress code where you work. Pay attention to what most people wear, and look at your employee handbook or agreement to find the specific dress code. If you’re expected to wear a suit and tie every day, that will put your knit shirt efforts out of commission in a hurry. No reason to move further.

If, however, your business is a little lenient with the dress code, you’ll have a lot more leeway for wearing what you like. The first step: know what your employees want. If they have any disqualifying concerns first, don’t tempt fate by dressing how you please.

Step #2: Make Your Men’s Knit Shirts Professional

It goes without saying that you should pair your knit shirts with a little more than the usual denim jeans. Take our 2 Button Roll Back Henley in Indigo, for example. Wearing it with jeans is a surefire casual option. But it’s more “Casual Friday” than it is “important meeting on Tuesday.” If you’re going to dress it up a bit, you should pair it with well-fitting khakis and appropriate work shoes. And here’s one more option you might not have considered: a jacket. Even a simple navy blazer can add a touch of “business class” to the otherwise casual appearance of a knit shirt.

Step #3: Keep it Simple

When men dress up work for work, the tendency is to overdo it. If you’re not sure whether your knit shirt will fit in, you might find yourself adding layer upon layer, accessory upon accessory. And for what? Sometimes, less is more.

That means sticking to a basic color palette. Your shirt shouldn’t clash directly with your blazer or your pants. Instead, you want the appearance of effortless professionalism. Adding more and more elements to your outfit only makes it stand out—and not in a good way.

Step #4: Remember the Context

Finally, you’ll be able to pull off a men’s knit shirt at work if you remember the context of each day. Do you have a big professional proposal where only a dress shirt and tie are acceptable? Then maybe skip the knit shirt that day.

If, however, you want to look your best on Casual Friday, our knit shirts like the 2 Button Roll Back Henley in Mushroom will give you all of the comfort you need to give your best eight hours. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about?