Men's Fleece Jacket Outfit Ideas

Admit it, men—you’d like to wear a fleece jacket every single day. And there’s no reason why you shouldn’t. But, if you always wear that same fleece jacket with the same pair of pants, the same shoes, and the same hat—well, people notice. That’s why you have to mix up your outfits every once in a while, and we’re here to help you do that. Take a look at this list of men’s fleece jacket outfit ideas to keep yourself warm, comfortable, and always looking fresh.

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Frosted Fleece and Corduroy for Cold Days


Fleece is built to keep you warm. But its textured style shouldn’t go to waste, either, because there’s plenty of opportunity to layer this item with great texture in your pants.

That’s why we recommend opting for Stretch Corduroy in Bark with a Frosted Fleece Quarter Zip in Brown. Of course, you can always wear your favorite pair of denim jeans with frosted fleece and you’ll still get compliments. However, corduroy has a great texture for fall and winter, giving the perfect contrast to the frosted fleece.

Active and Athletic with a Polar Fleece Quarter Zip


The quarter zip is one of the most versatile elements any man can add to his wardrobe. It only makes sense to keep one around for the cooler days. We recommend using a Polar Fleece Quarter Zip because it offers a unique, athletic looks while still keeping you warm.

With your fleece as the focal point of your outfit, you don’t have to think too hard about what pants to wear. But that doesn’t mean you should skimp on quality, either. A Classic Vintage Twill in Navy will help you distinguish your outfits from regular jeans and draw attention to the quilted quarter zip.

The Simple Fleece Vest


Let’s face it, men—you’re not always looking to dress-up. Sometimes, you simply want to look your best while wearing warm clothes that are light, yet durable enough to handle the great outdoors. That’s why our final outfit features a Polar Fleece Vest in Mood Indigo. This piece provides you warmth and comfort without sacrificing the casual exterior. We’ll pair them with Military Twill in Fatigue to finish off this effortless look.

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These outfits should work great—but you don’t have to limit yourself to our choices. We hope that you can draw some inspiration from these men’s fleece jacket outfit ideas to create a look that’s truly your own. To do so, shop all of the outerwear available here at Vintage 1946. Here, you’ll find all sorts of great options you can use to keep warm and showcase your unique style.