Men's Fashion Guide: Wearing Shorts in Fall

Shorts are just a summer fashion statement, right? Wrong. No matter what climate you live in (this side of the arctic circle), you can squeeze more time out of your shorts before and after summer. You just need to know how to do it.

Ditch the Cargo Shorts

First, we have to get something out of the way. According to a recent story in New York Magazine, men are “finally catching on to how ugly cargo shorts are.”

Cargo shorts, once the “default” short-wear of a generation, have become somewhat obsolete. A simple gander at all of our available shorts will yield many different types of sleeker, cargo-less shorts offering a more modern taper. The simple way to keep wearing shorts in autumn? Keep up all of those good habits you learned during the summer.

Cargo shorts might be handy for errands around the home, but when it comes to your sense of style, it’s better to utilize something with a little less storage capacity.

Choose Long Shorts For Men

No, don’t take the sewing machine to them like a tailor might. Instead, acquire some Classic Vintage Twill 9” Shorts. The generous length will cover more skin, keeping your legs happy in the cooler temperatures.

There’s no unwritten rule of fashion that you can’t continue to wear short shorts in autumn; it just gets a little chilly sometimes. If you want a more flexible autumn wardrobe, some longer shorts will fill the gaps and keep you snug.

Get Warm on Top First

Sweatshirts, sweaters, hoodies, longsleeve T’s … the list goes on and on. There are plenty of ways to warm up before you abandon your shorts completely. In fact, there will be some days this autumn that don’t seem appropriate for long sleeves or short sleeves.

The best way to achieve equilibrium? Wear one short piece (i.e., shorts) and one long piece. As long as you aren’t wearing thick wool up top, you’ll generally be able to avoid overheating.

Go With Autumn Fashion Colors

The summer colors—light pastels including baby blue, pea green, and even stone or white—are a fashion no-no after Labor Day. But since there is no such thing as the actual fashion police, you should be able to stretch that rule a little longer into September.

After that, you might want to update your shorts and make them more fall-friendly. Garnet is a great autumn color. Navy works in just about any season. British tan will blend just fine with the autumn-appropriate garb you have going on with your shirts and sweaters.

Use Your Head

It comes down to a simple matter of common sense: if the temperatures are still warm enough to wear shorts, you’re probably going to get away with wearing shorts well into autumn and even winter, depending on where you live. Just make a few simple adjustments to your wardrobe, and you’ll have shorts that remain wearable well into the end of 2016—and beyond.