Men’s Fall Fashion Guide: 4 Ways to Wear Men’s Knit Shirts

Knit shirts are a popular item in men’s fall fashion, and for good reason. They’re stylish, comfortable, and warm. But how do you pull them off? There are plenty of options to incorporate these pieces into your wardrobe. Men’s knit shirts aren’t limited to a casual pairing with jeans. Here’s a simple men’s fall fashion guide to help you get the most out of your knit shirts.

Men’s Fall Fashion Style #1: Casual Friday

Men’s knit shirts make great casual options. Whether that includes an actual casual Friday at work or simply a casual day at home or out with friends, it pays to master the basics first. Here are our suggestions for keeping it casual:

  • Shirt: Start with the Slub Knit Double Crew Indigo.
  • Pants: Pair with casual pant options, such as dark denim or navy chinos.
  • Accessories: A leather-strapped watch matches the casual look of the outfit.

Your shoe options here are up to you. You can pull off anything with this style, from fresh sneakers to desert boots. Just don’t clash your look by going too formal with the footwear.

Men’s Fall Fashion Style #2: Visiting the Family

When you’re visiting family, you’ll want to keep it casual but still make smart clothing choices to show you care about your appearance. Whether you’re coming home for Thanksgiving or Christmas, it’s important to look your best. Here’s how:

  • Shirt: 2 Button Roll Back Henley in Mushroom.
  • Pants: Opt for neutral colors here, especially with khakis. Jeans are an option as always, but chinos are dressier, which is important for holidays.
  • Accessories: Wear your best watch and dark leather belt. Avoid sneakers, opting instead for Buckinghams, Desert Boots, or even dress shoes.

Whether visiting your family for the holidays or simply coming back after an extended stay away, it may seem silly to put extra effort and attention into how you look—but chances are, it will be appreciated.

Men’s Fall Fashion Style #3: Out with Friends

Let’s say you want the thick, knit shirt look—but this time, you want to take it out with friends. Either of the above looks will suit you just fine, but if you really want to dress for the occasion, here are our tips:

  • Shirt: Retro Stretch Polo in Navy.
  • Pants: A pair of well-fitting, dark denim jeans.
  • Accessories: Your favorite watch and a thick brown belt.

For shoes, Suede Buckinghams will suit you just fine—they’re casual without venturing into “dressy.”

Men’s Fall Fashion Style #4: Your Sunday Finest

Not all of your knit shirt options require staying casual. In fact, many men across the world dress up shirts like henleys with a collar underneath and a blazer up top:

  • Shirt: Slub Knit Double Crew Coal.
  • Pants: Dress trousers to match your suit coat.
  • Layers: Add an oxford cloth button-down shirt underneath and your suit coat over the entire look.
  • Accessories: A pocket square that complements—but doesn’t necessarily mirror—your coal-colored shirt.
  • Shoes: Cap-toe dress shoes.

You may not be used to this kind of layering, but if you do it right, you’ll have a fresh look that will “dress up” your knit and make you look more presentable for those formal occasions.

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