Men’s Cotton Twill Shorts

Ready to build that hot weather wardrobe, but not sure where to start? Then let us make the case for Classic Men’s Cotton Twill Shorts in 9” or 7”. These shorts won’t only serve as a staple for your warm weather needs for years to come—they just might become your new favorite shorts, period. Why? Here are five reasons.

Twill is a Lightweight Fabric

A lot of fabrics and shorts advertise themselves as lightweight. But a twill fabric weave made from cotton delivers on this promise, and the difference is obvious as soon as you put them on. Since twill is made from cotton, the material itself is light and comfortable. Plus, the diagonal weave pattern of twill makes for excellent draping that is ideal for warmer climates and seasons when you need a lightweight option the most.

Plenty of Men’s Twill Shorts to Choose From

Many people think that by ordering a specific style of short, their options will be limited. Not so. Our Classic Vintage Twill 9” shorts come in a variety of colors, ranging from light and versatile to dark and contrasting. If you’re interested in adding cotton twill shorts to your wardrobe, you won’t be limited to khaki and white. Stock up on as many colors as you can. That way you can enjoy the same comfort no matter what top you’re wearing.

Twill Shorts Are More Common Than You Realize

If you’ve imagined twill as a sort of “alternative” fabric weave, think again. Twill fabrics can be fashioned into denim, chinos, even tweed. There’s a good chance that buying a pair of twill shorts won’t be your first exposure to the material. Why is that good news? Because twill won’t feel strange or new—it will feel comfortable and familiar. And the better you feel when wearing a sharp pair of shorts, the better your outfit will come together.

Men’s Cotton Twill Shorts Easily Fit in Any Wardrobe

You don’t have to have a particularly conservative or a particularly unorthodox wardrobe to fit in twill shorts. Since they’re simple and versatile, they can handle just about anything you might be wearing when it comes to shoes, tops, shirts, and accessories. If anything, you should look at twill shorts as the smart foundation from which to build your wardrobe.

9” Twill Shorts are the Perfect Length

Shorts that are too short or too long tend to come and go with styles and fads. At 9 inches, our Classic Vintage Twill Shorts hit a nice, versatile balance that lends itself to long-term use. If you’ve been holding off on buying clothes because you’re not sure about your style, these are a great first step. They’ll serve as an anchor for your hot weather wardrobe for years to come. If you want something a little shorter, then opt for 7” Twill Shorts instead. It’s hard to go wrong when you’ve got twill in your dresser.