Men's Color Trends for Fall 2019

What colors should you wear?

For many men, that’s an easy question—just go to your wardrobe and pick something out. But for those who want to stay on top of the latest trends, it’s important to know what colors are popular for the season. Not only will this help you put together great-looking outfits, but you’ll be able to build a wardrobe that you can be proud of by the time the next season rolls around. With that in mind, let’s look at the top men’s color trends for the fall of 2019.

Color Blocking

One of the top trends lately isn’t so much one color, but how you combine multiple colors. It’s known as “color blocking,” and it’s a style that references 80s and 90s vintage Americana but with a modern twist. You can find an example of color blocking in our Polar Fleece Vest in Pirate Black, noting that the tonal nylon collar and left chest are in contrasting colors to the Pirate Black.

This is a bold way to introduce multiple colors. It doesn’t rely on patterns so much as it does stark, modern statements of color with a focus on layering more colors throughout the outfit. Color blocking is great because it leaves plenty of room to put your own spin on this trend.


You might think of black as a versatile color for all seasons or for winter specifically, considering how much it contrasts with the snow. However, black leather has been a prominent feature around the men’s fashion world throughout 2019, especially in fall.

So, how do you wear black? Since black usually appears as one solid block of color—unlike our color block piece listed above—you can use black as a blank canvas. It works particularly well for providing a “cooling” effect on the other layers you’re wearing. For example, if you have an undershirt that’s particularly bold but you want to make sure that your outfit is more cohesive, adding a black jacket, a black fleece vest, or a black sweatshirt can do a lot to bring the outfit together.

Contrast Stitching

You can wear a single color block on your shirt, but still add some interest to it with “contrast stitching.” This is a popular trend not only because it adds a dash of color to any fall shirt, but it also hints at the quality of the material underneath.

For example, consider our Drop Needle Henley Infinity. The contrast stitching here is a subtle touch that shows off the quality of your Henley without waving it in your face. This effect shows that you have multiple colors on your outer layer, but the overall impression is still that of a uniform color.

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