Men's Casual Outfit Ideas From Vintage 1946

What makes a great casual outfit? Simple: comfort and style. A casual style should fit properly and it should look great—anyone knows that. But what defines casual style is the comfort you enjoy when wearing it. Below, you’ll find some of our favorite men’s casual outfit ideas using clothes you can find right here at Vintage 1946!

Casual Comfort Any Day of the Week

This casual outfit pairs perhaps two of the most comfortable casual pieces you can own. The first is our Terry QZip, which is a cotton-polyester combination with a fleece-like feel. During cooler weather, you can easily pair it with a dress shirt underneath for a little bit of extra “dressiness”—but it works just as well as the sole feature piece.

Our Sunny Stretch Compact Twill Pants features a small amount of spandex fabric, which makes them even more comfortable to wear. The result is simple. This may be among the most comfortable outfits you’ll wear this year.

Dressing Casual, Yet Smart


  • Top: Stretch Canvas Woven Shirt in Navy
  • Bottom: Military Twill Pants in British Tan

    Pairing these two pieces together will yield a look that’s far closer to “casual Friday” than just plain casual. That’s because the Military Twill Pants provide a “dressy” foundation even to casual outfits, allowing you to enjoy plenty of casual comfort while still looking dressed for the occasion.

    At the same time, our Stretch Canvas Woven shirt gives you the “smart” look of a shirt with a collar, but it’s about as casual and comfortable as any button-down has the right to be.

    The Breezy Summer Look

    Not all seasons demand layering for the casual look. If you want a minimal outfit that still stands out from the crowd for the summer, try pairing a patterned short sleeve shirt like this Summer Oxford with solid shorts. The blue-red palette always works for summer, which is a foolproof way to combine some of your favorite wardrobe pieces and ensure that you always look put-together.

    For winter, you can still keep a shirt like our Oxford short sleeve handy, as you can pair it with sweatshirts and sweaters for a layered look. The shorter sleeves give you some more breathing room for when the temperature is still crisp but not cold.

    A Casual Option for Every Fall

    There’s nothing like fall and winter to introduce a whole new element to the casual look. This pairing of two unique colors sticks to a classic palette while the 98% cotton corduroy keeps you feeling as comfortable as any other outfit on this list.

    Get More Great Casual Outfit Ideas

    Want more ways to dress casual while still looking your best? Browse the collections of men’s casual clothing here at Vintage 1946!