Men's Birthday Outfit Ideas

When you’re a kid, a birthday is an easy thing. Gifts, cake, and fun. Those are the only three ingredients you care about. But when you’re a man—whether that means attending a birthday party or enjoying your own—you’ve got another concern to face: what to wear. Fortunately, we’ve put together a list of men’s birthday outfit ideas that will look great and bring plenty of fun to the table.

Outfit #1: The Birthday Outdoors

Let’s be honest: we don’t have any control about when the birthday falls, which means that sometimes we have to be prepared for any eventuality. In this case, we’ll build an outdoorsy outfit that’s summer-friendly and ideal for warm climates:

  • Summer Oxford Short Sleeve Shirt. This shirt is light (with 100% cotton construction), fun, and birthday-appropriate. You really can’t go wrong with a short-sleeved button down in the summer. This style will give you plenty of breathability, and it’s a step up from the too-casual look of a T-shirt and jeans.
  • Windjammer Hybrid Tan Shorts. We did say this should be fun, after all. These Windjammer Hybrid Tan shorts are high-performance shorts that are perfect for the rigors of a birthday party. They include an elastic waist for easy wearing and a polyester-spandex construction that’s resistant to the inevitable dirt stains that come with outdoor birthday parties.

Outfit #2: The Cool-Weather Birthday

As fun as it is to have a summer birthday, that’s not all you’ll ever face. Whether your own birthday falls in the cooler months or you have to attend an indoor party in a harsh winter climate, it’s important to be ready for anything. Here’s our recommended outfit:

  • Terry QZip in Navy. The light color, the contrasting accents, the cotton-polyester blend—if there was ever a QZip that was designed for a birthday party, this is it. The only thing it’s missing are the prints of birthday cakes and presents. And because it’s warm enough to handle the winter months, it makes for great layering that you can use again and again—birthday or not.
  • Stretch Corduroy in Dusty Silver. There’s something very reassuring and comfortable about corduroy in the cooler months. This style makes for a comfortable pair of pants that’s very indoor-friendly, giving you a look and feel that’s completely aligned with a casual get-together like a birthday party.

Feel free to dress this up with a bottom layer of a button-down shirt, or simply wear it as-is for a breezier day.

Putting Your Birthday Outfits Together

These men’s birthday outfits are fun, light, and casual—everything that you should want in a party outfit. Whether you want to dress up for a formal party or dress down for a humbler shindig, a birthday party outfit should incorporate the performance and comfort of the party you’ll be enjoying. Continue to browse Vintage 1946 for more great styles!