Men's All Over Print Shorts From Vintage 1946

The latest look in streetwear is to don prints that project confidence and a casual sense of cool—in other words, prints that aren’t afraid of being prints. That’s why men’s “all over” print shorts are all the latest rage. But, to wear them well, it helps to have a few rules of thumb for putting a whole outfit together. Here’s what you need to know.

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How to Wear All Over Print Shorts

The fastest way to put together an outfit is to ask yourself what you want the feature piece to be. If it’s your All Over Print Shorts you want a focus on, you should know how to complement them in a way that gives your outfit more versatility and style:

  • Keep it simple. Let’s say that you pick up a pair of Chambray Flat Front Shorts in Indigo. This tropical-style print is great for casual outings. But, if you start mixing and matching patterns with other items, you run the risk of distracting from the print design. Instead, keep it simple. Try going sockless or wear a monochromatic top. You’ll be amazed at how much this makes the print “pop.”

  • Identify the primary color of your print. Of course, All Over Print Shorts are going to have more than one color. However, a general rule of thumb is that you should match your clothes with the background color of your shorts. For example, if you have a blue print over a color like stone (as with these Poplin Flat Front Shorts), match your colors to “stone.”
  • Wear casual shoes without socks. A common style for most All Over Print Shorts is to wear casual shoes like Boat Shoes or low-rise sneakers without socks. For many men, it looks best when you lengthen the visual appearance of your leg by maximizing the amount of skin between the hem of the shorts and the top of the shoe.

Accessorizing with All Over Print Shorts

If you’re highlighting the print pattern on your shorts, should you ever cover them up with accessories? For the most part, keeping your outfits simple will preclude this. But, there’s no reason you can’t dress “up” a pair of All Over Print Shorts.

Consider a solid brown belt that matches with a pair of shoes like brown Buckinghams or Oxfords. When accessorizing this way, All Over Print Shorts add some fun to an otherwise plain outfit—it gives you a visual “pop” that you otherwise wouldn’t have.

As another example, fun prints like these Chambray Indigo Flat Fronts have a more casual summer look. Pairing them with simple tops like a polo shirt or a button-down will help you stand out!

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