Men’s Swimwear Shirts – Types and Colors

Heading to the beach or the swimming pool with your friends? If you want to avoid sunburn and limit your risk of skin cancer, you’ll want to wear at least one swimwear shirt if you plan to be in the sunshine for more than a few minutes. Even though a swimwear shirt might not feel as comfortable as jumping into the water bare-chested, it's still the safer, more mature choice.

But with so many different men’s swimwear shirts to choose from, you might not know which type or color to pick. Read on to see what we think.

Plain T-Shirts

Naturally, you can choose to wear a plain T-shirt to the pool or the ocean. Plain T-shirts will provide your skin with some protection from the sun, although plain T-shirts are usually somewhat baggy when wet. They might not feel very comfortable sticking to your skin or flowing around you as you swim. Don’t forget, as well, that some cheaper T-shirts can become worn out or overly stretched if you soak them in water.

If you do decide to go with a plain tee, make it something comfortable and high-quality. Vintage 1946’s metal vent short sleeve crew neck is a great example, as it’s made of a stretchy, breathable material, so it won’t feel very sticky to your skin when wet.

Swim Shirts

Swim shirts are dedicated men's swimwear apparel. They're similar to rash guards, though they are distinct from those shirt types. In a nutshell, a swim shirt (sometimes called a swim tee or a swim top) is a comfortable, stylish water activity article for swimming and snorkeling. It covers your body with a lightweight, sun-guarding material, but it doesn't compromise your mobility at all.

Because of this, swim shirts are great if you want to engage in an aquatic activity like surfing. That way, your skin will be protected, but you’ll be up to swim nimbly through the water without feeling bogged down by excess fabric.

The right swim shirt can and should be paired with versatile, comfortable swimming trunks as well. But you don’t have to stick with a standard men’s swimsuit. Instead, something like the heather stripe windjammer hybrid shorts from Vintage 1946 might be better. These comfortable, flexible shorts are made of a stretchy quick dry fabric and are perfect for swimming and walking around on land.

Rash Guard Swim Tees

Rash guard swim tees are usually made of polyester and spandex. While they come in short-sleeve and long-sleeve varieties, the goal is always the same: protect your skin from UV rays. Many rash guard swim tees are even better for surfers, paddle boarders, and divers since their materials prevent chafing and rashes from the water or from your arms and legs rubbing up against each other.

Rash guard swim tees are also usually higher UPF compared to swim shirts (often UPF 50+). That means you can count on them to protect the skin of your upper body from sunburn and from skin cancer risk.

Best Colors for Men’s Swimwear Shirts

Naturally, you’ll want to look good when out and about in the water. So you should also target swimwear shirts for men in specific colors.

You can’t go wrong with neutral shades like blue, gray, white, and even black (although black might make you heat up faster than you think since it absorbs light from the entire color spectrum). In any case, neutral colors look great with swimwear shirts, especially if you want to wear a swim shirt or rash guard swim tee while surfing or swimming competitively.

On the other hand, brighter colors, like vibrant blue, red, pink, or even orange, look fun and exciting. In addition, they could be a little safer if you plan to swim in the open water with your friends. Bright colors like orange, for instance, are much easier to see from a distance. That way, if you are ever in trouble, someone can spot you and come to your assistance without having to pick out your dark-colored swimwear shirt against the dark surface of the water itself.

Wrap Up

All in all, there are lots of different types of men’s swimwear shirts you can purchase. We recommend thinking about your personal style preferences, the level of sun protection you want to enjoy, and how often you’ll use the swimwear shirt.

When the time comes to pair your favorite swimwear shirt with shorts, Vintage 1946 can help. Check out our shorts collection today!