Men’s Outerwear Trends for Spring 2024

As Spring is getting underway, there’s a lot of changes being made. The air is getting warmer and so is the weather. Not to mention, the styles are changing as well. Winter wear will be hibernating in the closet until later on in the year - and in its place is the outerwear for spring. 

But what are the trends for Spring 2024? We will discuss this in our upcoming guide. As the seasons change, so do the clothes men wear. Soon enough, spring becomes summer and we do it all over again.  

Ready to see what these trends are for outerwear? So are we. Let’s dive right in. 

Utility jackets 

With a number of pockets, you can carry small items around wherever you go. Whether it’s a spring hike or a walk on a mild day, these jackets will be quite useful. Especially when it's designed for their versatility. It may even be that kind of weather for Vintage 1946’s Performance Micro Fleece Shirt Jacket. 

You have a jacket that can keep you warm on the nippy spring days. Plus, it may also keep you warm when the weather isn’t quite comfortable just yet. Nevertheless, you at least have a go-to jacket to depend on. It ain’t too wintery of a coat, but it can hold up just fine. 


Whether it’s something that you need to wear or make a statement with loud colors - windbreakers are great for spring outerwear. There could be days when it can be a bit blustery with a chance of light rain showers. If you are looking for more of a statement piece, wearing one with bold patterns or colors might be something that can be considered. 

You can even rock a windbreaker with a pair of Vintage 1946’s Hybrid Performance 5-Pocket Pants. It can be a nice stylish combination, whether it’s a dress casual day or just another day at the office. Either way, if they look good together, wear it proudly. 

Pastel colored blazers and suits 

There’s nothing quite like wearing bright colors during the spring. Especially if they are pastel colored. Baby blue, mint green, even blush pink may be the “in” colors. The reason: light colors and spring have often complemented one another. It could also be associated with the Easter holiday. 

Wearing these colors for a day at the office or a semi-formal event may be a pretty good idea. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor event, it may not matter. Not to mention, pastel colors could be a good fit for the summer months as well. So you’ll be all set and ready to go for the events coming up where dressing up may be warranted. 

Convertible outerwear 

If you are looking for outerwear that will be flexible and versatile, this might be a good type to try on. These include but are not limited to clothes that feature detachable sleeves, reversible designs, and even hoods that zip off.  You can place these back on in a moment’s notice when the weather begins to change. 

It can change with little to no warning - so be prepared to wear something that will help you easily adapt to the conditions. This way, you can keep yourself nice and dry at all times. Even at times when the rain might come down a little heavier.  

Sustainable outerwear

In today’s age where sustainability is becoming more acceptable, it’s being featured in the clothes that we wear. In terms of outerwear, materials like organic cotton and recycled materials are excellent choices for those who wear sustainable clothing. The materials will last longer and will also be more durable. 

When this happens, they are less likely to end up in landfills in a short period of time. The clothes will be less susceptible to wear and tear - to the point where they need to be thrown out. If you want to wear something that lasts while reducing environmental waste, sustainable outerwear may be an excellent choice for you. 

Final Thoughts 

We hope you found these five trends for spring outerwear in 2024 to be the best options. It can be a great match for your personal needs and preferences in terms of style. At Vintage 1946, we have a lot of excellent options that will be the perfect match for spring. Some of them may even be great for summer as well. 

Whether it’s a bit chilly or a bit on the comfortable side, we got something for you. Check out our collection today and see what’s great for your wardrobe.