Latest Fashion Trends For Teenage Guys

Although some fashion rules are ironclad, there’s no accounting for trends. Trends are those ebbs and flows to the style world that help make one item more popular than another one. If you know how to stay on top of them, you can enhance your look and become something of a trendsetter yourself. Want to stay up on the latest fashion trends for teenage guys? Then let’s look at some of the most popular trends right now—and what you can do to keep in step with them.

Trend #1: Breezy Sneakers

SUMMER OXFORD SHIRT IN BLUE called “perforated sneakers” one of their top microtrends this year. This is in line with the current style of largely monochromatic, simple, even “throwback” sneakers that tend to use up a lot of the overall silhouette.

What’s different about perforation? It uses a “retro” look that adds a touch more spice to what you’re wearing. If you want to pull it off, you’ll do well to add other elements of retro throwbacks to your outfit.

We recommend pairing perforated sneakers with a top look that can be just as breezy. For example, this Summer Oxford Short Sleeve Shirt in Blue offers a nice complement when it comes to color. Additionally, the casual nature of the shirt itself fits neatly with perforated sneakers—without going too far toward “casual.” It creates a clean overall look that helps you capitalize on this fashion trend.

Trend #2: Embracing the Bold



Ever go to an ugly Christmas sweater party and think “you know, some of these look pretty nice?” That’s good. It shows that you’re willing to embrace the bolder choices in fashion and try new things. But you don’t have to show an outright commitment to silly traditions to make bold choices!

Whether that means choosing bold prints like this American Flag Pattern Block Short or giving a bold color a try like the Solid Oxford Shirt in Pink Lemonade, you have to take risks to find out what works best for you when it comes to the latest trends. When you find something bold that you like, you can stand out from the crowd and feel confident anywhere you go.

Trend #3: Extra Texture

Wearing something very plain and finely textured can work in some situations, but today’s teenage fashion trends go a little beyond that. The key is to find great examples of texture when you can.

We recommend checking out an item like this Terry QZip in Navy. This piece is it great for using as an outer layer in the cooler months. Plus, it can provide an outfit with a nice bit of texture that elevates it above a normal “jeans and pullover” look into something a little more extraordinary.

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November 27, 2018 by Vintage 1946
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