Keeping it Cool – Top Summer Colors for Male Wardrobes

Summer brings more than just heat – it brings light, outdoor activities, and lots of opportunities to show off your sense of style. But to maximize how good you look in your summer wardrobe, you need to own clothes in the right colors.

Truth be told, certain colors look better than others in bright summer sunshine, so they’re better picks for tees, shorts, and more. Let’s take a closer look.

The Classic Neutrals

You can go wrong by purchasing shirts, shoes, and shorts in classic, masculine neutral colors. The neutral shades are so named because they work in practically any environment and, even better, can be paired well together. Black and blue go together, as do blue and white, black and white, etc.

That said, you should stay away from black as a summer color for your male wardrobe. Black will absorb sunlight more than the other colors, heating up your body and making you feel uncomfortable. Aside from black, there are plenty of other neutral colors you can target for your shorts or shirt purchases.


White is a great summer color, in large part because it reflects much more sunlight compared to other shades. Odds are you won’t feel as cool wearing anything else as you do when wearing a plain white T-shirt.


Blue is a staple color, and you can wear it during the summer in its dark or light varieties. Light blue shirts and shorts are excellent, especially when paired with lighter colors, but dark blue can also work as a contrasting color with a white T-shirt or white shorts, for example.


Don’t forget gray, which is a major neutral color and which still serves you well in the summer. However, you’ll be better off wearing gray shorts as opposed to gray shirts. The gray shorts can contrast the colorful shirt of your choice, whether it’s a button-down shirt, a Hawaiian shirt, or a plain T-shirt. That way, your T-shirt pops out much more vibrantly.


Or you can go with tan/beige. This masculine color is great if you want to wear khaki shorts or trousers. We wouldn’t recommend it for shirts or any kind of upper wear, but it’s a good pick for any legwear you choose to don. Alternatively, wear brown shoes, a brown leather watchband, or some other brown accessory. Brown can help tie the rest of your outfit together, especially if you have brown hair, brown eyes, or some other brown physical attribute.

Other Summer Colors for Men

While the neutral shades are good go-to choices, you can also enjoy other summer colors that are perfect for masculine wardrobes.


Green or olive is a stellar summer color. It reflects a lot of the green trees, bushes, and grass you’ll see growing around you. While it also serves as a spring color, spring is more often dominated by pastel shades like light blue, yellow, and pink.

Vintage 1946’s micrograph Gurkha hybrid hedge shorts indicate just how good green can look with certain summer clothing. These green shorts are made of a stretch quick dry fabric and have a 9-inch inseam. Importantly, the shade of green used here can go perfectly with your T-shirt or polo shirt of choice. Choose green if you want to lean more into the nature side of summer shades.


Burgundy, which is an offshoot shade of red and red-violet, is another popular summer color for men. It’s a little more mature and elevated, so consider wearing a nice T-shirt in this shade, especially when paired with classy, tailored trousers or shorts.

To see what this looks like in action, check out this men's metal vent short-sleeve crew neck from Vintage 1944. It’s a deep red and burgundy color by default (called “port”), and it’s a great summertime shade for guys who want to wear something a little more exciting than the typical mutual colors masculine fashion is known for. Even better, this shirt is made with lightweight, breathable performance fabric and has a stretchy, modern fit for maximum comfort.

Wrap Up

Ultimately, you can wear any color you like in the summer, but the above shades will do you a lot of good, especially if you choose shorts, T-shirts, and other articles in those colors. Indeed, the right colors for your summertime clothing are just as important as getting the right sizes of shirts and shorts.

Fortunately, Vintage 1946 can help you boost your summer style. Check out our collections today!