How to Style Twill Trousers

Twill trousers can be important, stylish parts of your masculine wardrobe. But if you want to wear twill trousers successfully, you need to know how to style them in terms of color, complementary articles, and much more.

Fortunately, it’s not as tricky as you may think. Let’s take a closer look.

More Formal Than Jeans, More Casual Than Chinos

As relaxed-fit trousers, you might think that twill pants are exclusively casual. But though they are constructed with durable, high thread count fabric, and they are available in many of the same shades as khakis, they’re actually a little less formal compared to chinos.

Therefore, these are perfect choices if denim slacks won’t work for the formality level of an upcoming event, for example. But they’re not necessarily appropriate for the workplace or for semiformal meetings with your boss or a significant other.

However, note that this isn’t a universal rule. Generally, twill trousers are more casual than chinos, but not always. Take these Classic Vintage Twill trousers, which would fit right at home in any formal workplace or office environment. In summary, twill trousers should normally be worn on occasions or places where jeans aren't appropriate, but where chinos might be dressing up a little too much.

Pair with Durable Articles for Longevity

As noted earlier, twill trousers are pretty durable, so it’s a no-brainer to pair them with other durable articles in your male wardrobe. Tough flannels, thick jackets, and work boots are perfect for many twill trousers, particularly those in dark shades like brown, gray, or navy blue.

If you take care of your twill trousers and don’t wear them excessively, they should last for several years to come. Combine these with other working-class masculine articles, like watches with leather bands, to wear your twill trousers stylishly and simply at the same time.

Wear with a Button-Down at Work

You can further pair your favorite twill trousers with a button-down shirt. Of course, you’ll need slightly nicer, classier twill trousers that look similar to high-quality chinos than their durable, bulkier counterparts.

To make this style idea work, of course, you’ll need to choose the right shoes (as broken down below). Make sure you have that settled, then choose a button-down that’s a complementary color compared to your twill pants. For instance, if your pants are a bright shade like green, red, or blue, your button-down should be white, cream, or blue as well.

Wear with a Casual Tee or Flannel for Hangouts

Twill trousers are favorite choices for guys who like to wear casual T-shirts, including plain T-shirts or graphic tees. But you can also pair them with flannels for casual hangouts with your friends and family members.

These twill trousers should be pretty durable and plain-looking rather than sleek and smooth like dress twill trousers. As with wearing your twill pants with a button-down shirt, your color pairings matter a great deal. Ideally, your T-shirt or flannel will have a color that contrasts the shade of your pants for maximum style points.

Just be sure to consider your colors! If you plan to wear your twill trousers with a casual T-shirt or flannel, the upper wear articles should have colors that are complementary with the shade of your trousers. These stretch twill trousers, for example, are available in blue, so you can pair them with white shirts, gray or brown flannels, or something else entirely. The sky’s the limit – just consider colors to make your wardrobe that much more stylish.

Pair Twill Trousers with Dress Shoes or Boots

Many of the best twill trousers pair perfectly with dress shoes or boots, particularly leather boots or boots in a dark color like black, brown, or dark gray. With the right shoes, you can make your twill pants fit semi-formal or office environments quite easily, and you'll accentuate the middle-ground area that twill pants occupy in masculine fashion.

Dress shoes are more appropriate for formal get-togethers, of course. Boots are perfect if your twill trousers are a little more rugged and suitable for pairing with flannels, T-shirts, and other masculine staples. Choose boots if you plan to wear twill trousers outdoors or just around the guys, but choose dress shoes if you want to wear twill trousers to the office.

Wrap Up

Overall, there are plenty of ways to stylishly wear twill trousers with your other favorite masculine articles, whether those are over shirts, boots, or something else entirely. Even better, you can get great-looking, fitted twill trousers right now with Vintage 1946. Check out our selection today!