How to Style Gurkha Shorts for Men

Gurkha shorts have a distinctive design that can be eye-catching for those looking for an excellent pair of shorts. Not only that, they provide a timeless piece with a combination of refined style and the military heritage of where they originated. These shorts can also be worn in a men's fashion sense when it comes to versatility and providing a vintage charm like no other. This guide will discuss how you can style gurkha shorts in the best way possible. 

There's no need to worry if you have no idea what Gurkha shorts are. To kick off this guide, we'll give you a brief explanation of their history. Let's get started with everything you need to know. 

Brief Overview of Gurkha Shorts 

Gurkha shorts originated from the military uniforms of Nepal in the 19th century. What made them stand out was their high-rise waist and wide waistband featuring a pleated front. This element features side buckles that will be great for an adjustable fit and give the shorts and your overall look a more sophisticated touch. Suppose you are looking for durable and breathable shorts. In that case, Gurkha shorts are typically made from cotton or linen, which are excellent for those who want to wear shorts in warm weather without restriction or feel overheated.  

Different Types of Gurkha Short Styles for Men 

Now that you have a brief history of Gurkha shorts in your knowledge bank, we will look at a few ideas on how to style them. We'll be looking at a few examples of options so you have a few go-to options if you still need to try a style of your own. Take a look now at the following style ideas: 

Casual Day Out 

For those looking for a relaxed and casual fit, there are gurkha shorts that you can put together with a simple t-shirt or even a button-down shirt. We highly suggest that you go with neutral colors like navy, olive, or beige—these colors will be excellent for Gurkha shorts, so you can get a neutral base and switch around as many different variations of looks as possible. One of these shorts is Vintage 1946's Stretch Comfort Gurkha shorts. 

You can pair this with a lightweight, solid-colored T-shirt or even a short-sleeved button-down. As for the colors, go for white, navy, or earth tones—either will work well. For footwear, you can go right with a pair of stylish sneakers or loafers if you're looking for that laid-back vibe, especially if you go to the beach and want to relax. If you want to get your toes in the sand, flip-flops are always the go-to classic. 

Finally, a woven belt and a pair of sunglasses are excellent complementary accessories. For a casual day out with your shorts, this could be the perfect style to put together. 

Smart Casual 

Gurkha shorts can be perfect for a bright, casual look. Whether it's for brunch with friends or a casual evening out with that special someone, it's the kind of outfit that will give you a relaxed fit and a bit more sophisticated. So you achieve that balance with a pair of Gurkha shorts (like Vintage 1946's Microfiber Gurkha Hybrid) and some of the following pieces of clothing. 

To begin, consider a crisp white dress shirt as your go-to top. For those cooler months, go with a lightweight sweater. If the temperatures call for a comfortable night, you could never go wrong with a polo shirt that will stand out. For your footwear, loafers again appear when you want something nice and sophisticated. Wear clean white sneakers or derby shoes to elevate the bright, casual look. 

For the Adventurous 

Of course, Gurkha shorts can be great for the adventurer deep inside you. Whether it's a weekend getaway or a day outdoors, the style and functionality of these shorts based on the military-inspired design will be excellent for days like this. With these Gurkha shorts, you can wear a rugged short-sleeved shirt or even one that features breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics, which can be excellent for comfort and style outdoors. 

Hiking boots or a sturdy pair of sneakers will be the best option for all your footwear needs. Finally, a sturdy belt and a hat will be excellent for that touch of style and practicality. If you want to add a backpack to go along with this style, feel free to do so with the essential items that are perfect for a day hike. 

Final Thoughts 

Gurkha shorts can be the next best investment in your wardrobe. These are the shorts that you should give a chance to so you can not only look stylish but also get the best versatility and functionality benefits. They really put themselves in the top ranks of different types of shorts. To get your pair of Gurkha shorts, check out what Vintage 1946 has in store right now.