How to Style Gray Sweat Pants

Many folks prefer to wear sweatpants when they work out or lounge around the house. Let’s face it: sweats are comfy, easy to shrug on, and good enough for you to make a quick run to the gas station if needed. But if you want to look stylish, you need to know how to style them properly to avoid looking sloppy. If you’re ready to upgrade your look, read on for your guide on how to style gray sweatpants.

Gray and Black (Shirts & Jackets)

Gray pairs naturally with black. A black T-shirt, for example, would look perfect at your gymnasium or when going for a jog outdoors. Likewise, a black jacket, especially with a white T-shirt, gives you a casual or street-ready appearance that wouldn’t look out of place at your local grocery store or coffee shop.

As far as shirts are concerned, simple T-shirts without graphics are ideal. This Garment Dyed Slub Pocket Tee is a good example, as it’s a basic, laid-back shirt that complements a set of laid-back sweatpants.

Gray on Gray – A Bad Idea?

When styling your gray sweatpants, you might wonder whether you can pair those legwear articles with gray T-shirts or jackets. Truth be told, you should try to stay away from gray on gray. In most cases, it looks too monochromatic and will neutralize any style points you have already accumulated. That said, some colors of gray can work exceptionally well with gray sweatpants. You just have to make sure the shades of gray are slightly different.

For instance, if you have a light gray pair of sweatpants, you can pair those pants with a darker gray shirt, like this Stretch Jersey Henley from Vintage 1946. That way, your outfit still has a little color contrast, but you simultaneously nail the monochromatic look you’re aiming for.

Other Colors with Gray Sweat Pants

Aside from gray and black, you can and should style your gray sweatpants with other shades. In fact, since your gray sweatpants are already fairly masculine and neutral, you should feel free to be a little more colorful with your T-shirts or jackets (or other articles). Blue is a perfect choice to pair with gray sweatpants, primarily because gray and blue go together naturally. Consider pairing your favorite gray sweatpants with a blue Henley shirt, like this option from Vintage 1946.

Aside from blue, other colors to pair with your gray sweatpants include:

  • Green, particularly dark forest green
  • Red, especially burgundy
  • Pastel shades like light blue, pink, and yellow.
  • White, which can evoke a classic look that is great for working out or keeping cool in the hot sun.

Gray Sweats Plus Workout Wear

Sweatpants are workout articles almost by definition, so you should consider styling your gray sweatpants with other workout apparel. For example, wear gray sweatpants with a white tank top when lifting or with any other workout shirt you have in mind.

Sweats, Scarves, and Hats

You can also style your gray sweatpants with accessories like scarves and hats. A scarf quickly and easily elevates your look. Remember to choose a scarf made of wool in winter to help you keep warm. Also, select one in a color that complements your gray sweatpants, like the colors listed above.

If you want to wear a hat, beanies are perfect for winter. They’re casual, just like your sweatpants, but they do a great job keeping your head warm and making your outfit look a little more thought out and put together. Of course, a baseball cap with your favorite team’s logo and a white T-shirt can also work well during the spring and summer.

Shoes with Sweats

As far as footwear is concerned, sneakers are a natural choice. To elevate the look of your gray sweat pants, choose sleek leather sneakers in colors like white or black. During the warmer seasons, rolling your sweat pants at the ankle can really pull your entire look together.

Get the Look at Vintage 1946

Ultimately, you can style your gray sweatpants with almost anything you can imagine. But keep the above suggestions in mind if you want to look put-together while simultaneously keeping things casual. If you’re looking to start your loungewear collection, Vintage 1946 can help. Check out our selection of shirts and quarter zips today. Or, for more style suggestions, read our blog on how to style blue sweat pants.

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