How to Style Corduroy Pants: The Men's Style Guide

When you want to elevate your outfits without defaulting to more jeans or khakis, corduroy pants are the perfect solution. And while corduroy pants can be a fun way to liven up your wardrobe, it’s important to know how to style them. Read on for your complete guide on how to style corduroy pants.

What Is Corduroy?

Put simply, corduroy is a unique textile that has a raised “cord” or “wale” texture. Most corduroy is made from several tufted cords which have shallow channels in between them. Interestingly, both corduroy and velvet come from fustian fabric. When you look at corduroy pants, jackets, or other materials, you’ll see that the corduroy surface is made of three separate yarns that are woven together. Corduroy pants look like they are made from several cords that run parallel to each other, resulting in a unique texture and look that’s perfect for pairing with other stylish articles.

Why Wear Corduroy

There are so many reasons to add corduroy to your wardrobe. For one, it is casual enough to wear on many of the same occasions you’d wear jeans or khakis. Owning a few pairs of corduroy pants means you have more legwear options for your casual get-togethers with friends than ever before. However, you can also wear corduroy at the smart casual level, opening up even more dress options.

On top of that, corduroy has tons of personality and texture. When you wear corduroy pants or a jacket, the rest of your outfit can be pretty basic, and you'll still look like you put some thought into your appearance. Of course, you can also overdo corduroy by accident; you should try not to wear a corduroy piece or article with other highly textured or patterned pieces. Above all else, corduroy pants, jackets, and other clothing give you more ways to experiment with your wardrobe, which is always a good thing.

Styling Corduroy Pants

Now let’s break down how you can style your corduroy pants—mostly by combining them with the right ancillary articles.

Corduroy pants are usually much more comfortable than jeans, and they are more visually interesting than chinos or khakis. Fortunately, you can find corduroy pants in many different colors, ranging from gray to green to navy to brown and more. Depending on your preferences, you may be able to find trouser-like corduroy pants or corduroy pants with more pockets. The latter option is essentially a nicer pair of jeans, while the former is a bit dressier. Keep these style differences in mind when choosing your accessories, like your watch and belt. To wear corduroy pants as effectively as possible:

  • Opt for corduroy pants that have a slim, straight cut whenever you can. That will prevent your legs and trousers from looking overly baggy.
  • More specifically, your corduroy pants shouldn’t have any break at the bottom of the leg. The bottoms of your pants legs should reach the tops of your shoes without any fabric folding or creasing
  • Pair your corduroy pants with upper wear articles like turtlenecks, Henleys, crewneck sweaters, casual button-down shirts, and solid-color t-shirts. These articles go well with the slick but casual aesthetic that corduroy pants evoke.
  • You can also couple your corduroy pants with a simple plaid shirt, provided that the plaid shirt complements your pants’ color. For example, brown corduroy pants, like these 21 Wale Stretch Corduroy trousers, partnered with a chambray T-shirt will look great
  • As far as footwear goes, style your corduroy pants with leather or canvas sneakers, boots, or chukkas. Again, this highlights the smart casual effect that corduroy pants create

Styling Corduroy Clothing

There are also corduroy jackets and shirts to consider! A corduroy sports jacket could be perfect if you want to look a little dressed up, but still relatively casual. Just try not to wear it with matching corduroy pants, or you'll overdo it! If you have a corduroy shirt, wear it with jeans or khakis. For example, a corduroy shirt over a solid color T-shirt or Henley will look great when paired with your best jeans or chinos and a pair of canvas sneakers.

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