How to Style Buffalo Plaid

Buffalo plaid is a distinctive design that features the colors of red and black. It happens to be one of the most iconic design patterns associated with the holiday season. Its timeless look makes it one of the best to wear during the fall and winter months.

This guide will discuss how to properly style buffalo plaid so it looks equally good with any ensemble. It’s never a bad idea to experiment with different ideas with this type of plaid. Many have grown appreciative of it over the years - and it’s not going to go away anytime soon.

Let’s begin with everything you need to know about styling buffalo plaid now.

The History of Buffalo Plaid

The origin of this design is believed to be first discovered in Scotland in the 1800s. It made its way to the Americas in the form of blankets. Much later on, it would soon become a pattern that would be adopted by Woolrich. 

Since then, it has become a popular plaid design for many people who want to wear it to stay warm. It has become a mainstay, if not, an iconic symbol for people living in colder climates such as the northern United States and Canada. But how did it get the name “buffalo plaid”?

It was said that one of the Scotsmen who brought it to America owned a buffalo herd. Thus, the name stuck and it has been known by its name ever since.

Key Wardrobe Essentials

If you don’t have buffalo plaid in your collection, it may be a good idea to include it. Especially if you live in areas of the United States or Canada where it can be brutally cold. This includes a flannel shirt, which goes hand in hand with the famous buffalo plaid design.

This design comes in plaid scarves, jackets, and coats. However, it’s always a good idea to consider the quality and fit. You want to make sure that they fit well based on your measurements and preferred size. 

You should also consider putting together an ensemble around buffalo plaid. What would be good options? It can match well with denim pants.

It might be a good idea to pair it with Vintage 1946’s 21 Wale Stretch Corduroy pants. The discussion of pairing segues into our next topic.

Mixing and Matching Buffalo Plaid

Buffalo plaid can mix and match with plenty of different clothing styles. As we’ve mentioned, corduroy and denim are two different examples. However, it can be mixed and matched in so many different colors or patterns.

It’s important to go with colors that are Earthy or a bit darker in color. Especially when they are seasonally appropriate for wearing buffalo plaid. This means steering clear of any colors that are bright or pastel colored. 

Creating a balanced look will be your best bet. If you want to go to town, you can go with various patterns such as stripes, dots, or florals - whichever will blend in well with buffalo plaid. If you wear a  buffalo plaid shirt with a pair of dark-colored pants, be sure to add an accessory like an oil-tanned casual belt.

You can get creative with your own style if buffalo plaid is involved. Make sure it’s a good mix and match. Don’t have it clashing and all over the place. 

Buffalo plaid can also be useful as an additional layer. You could be wearing a shirt of a thinner fabric. So it would make sense to wear something over it that is thicker - like buffalo plaid flannel.

Care and Maintenance Tips for Buffalo Plaid

With buffalo plaid, you can put it in the washer (unless the instructions on the tag say otherwise). It is important to make sure that the water is cold. The best way to dry it is by hanging it up and allowing the air to do the work.

When washed, it should be mixed with other dark-colored clothing. It seems like common sense when you are doing your laundry. Take care of it on a regular basis and it will take care of you for as long as possible - whether it’s in the fall or winter months.

Wrap Up

Buffalo plaid is timeless, appreciated, and one of the best fabrics that can be styled properly. Knowing what you know now, you can put it together with other seasonably appropriate materials. If you want to see what Vintage 1946 has to pair well with buffalo plaid, check them out today.