How to Layer for Cold Weather

While there is always plenty of room for debate in the fashion world on what looks good and what does, we should all be able to agree on one thing – dressing in layers is the best way to approach cold weather. When the temperatures drop in fall and winter, having plenty of layers available is a great way to stay comfortable while looking sharp.

If you’d like to stock up your wardrobe to be better prepared for days out in the cold, this article is for you. V1946 features plenty of items in our inventory that are excellent for cold-weather layering, and we’ll highlight some of those pieces below. When you’re done reading, be sure to explore our collections to find the items that would make a great addition to your closet.

Make Your Ideal Cold Weather Outfit

Layering your clothes for cold weather is not a complicated idea, but you may thinking of how you can make your layered outfits both warm and fashionable.

Find a Good Base

The base layer can be an undershirt to go under a sweater, or it could be a light long sleeve shirt that’s breathable in case of lower temps. Of course, if it’s particularly cold outside, you might want to use something like a long-sleeve compression shirt as a base layer instead.

Make Your Outfit Eye-Catching

For this layer you have plenty of options. You can go for a warm knit sweater, or if the weather is more temperate, go for something loose and comfortable. Our Heathered Rib Henley is a great pick as it offers warmth, style, and pairs well with jeans or shorts depending on if spring temperatures come a bit early.

Show Off Your Winter Fashion

On most days, this garment will be the star of the show for your layered outfit. If the weather stays cold, you may never peel off this coat or jacket, so make sure to have plenty of great options in your closet to pick from throughout the fall and winter. At V1946, our Microfleece Full Zip Shirt Jacket or Performance Shirt Jacket are excellent options. The full closures give you flexibility and a chance to show off your stylish shirt. Also, this is a lightweight jacket, so you won’t have to worry about feeling bogged down when you put this on over a couple of other layers.

You can play with the look of your layered outfit by exploring color combinations, patterns, and more. It’s often good to go with a contrasting look – a light, solid-colored undershirt with a patterned, dark jacket, for example. However, there is plenty of room for your own interpretation and style.

Don’t Forget Your Pants

While building a layered outfit, it’s important to remember that you’ll need to pick out some pants to go with the layers you’ve been building.

Consider our 21 Wale Stretch Corduroy pants for this role. You can be sure that these pants will be comfortable all day long thanks to their blend of cotton and spandex, and we offer a range of colors so you can always have the right shade to go with your layering of shirts and jackets.

Alternatively, if you need something more casual, check out our Blue Ridge Joggers. These pants feature comfort and performance thanks to their polyester and spandex blend.

Stock Up on Options

It’s hard to create a nice layered outfit when your closet in wanting for options in this department. To make sure you can always put together appropriate outfits for your various activities during the winter, pick up plenty of quality garments from V1946 today. We look forward to receiving your order!