How to Find Your Next "Go-To" Pair of Men’s Pants

In any given wardrobe, you either have a “go-to” pair of pants, or you don’t. It’s that first pair you wear fresh out of the dryer—the pair of pants that you try to wear more than once per cycle simply because you enjoy it so much. These are the pair of pants that somehow seems better than anything you could ever try on in a fancy store. Don’t have a pair of pants that fits the bill? Here’s a little advice on how to find one.

Try A Different Pants Material

More importantly than how the pants look is how they feel. If you don’t get the feel right, you simply won’t view the pants as your “go-to” option. That’s why it’s important to try different clothes and see which one feels the most natural to you.

Here at Vintage 1946, we have a few different material options you might consider:

Is any one of these “better” than the other? That’s for you to decide.

Take Extra Steps to Get the Fit Right

There’s something about that “go-to” pair of men’s pants that just seems to fit you like a glove—not so tight that it’s obstructive, and not so loose that you feel self-conscious.

If you want to get the fit right, learn what’s meant by the measurements of the waist and the inseam. And make sure that you order from an outlet willing to cater to your specific size rather than offer “one size fits all” options. For example, if you don’t quite get an order right from Vintage 1946 right off the bat, we offer complimentary hemming.

Pick a Pants Color You Can Repeat

At Vintage, we love using every shade of the rainbow to build the most stylish pants, shorts, and tops around—but we also acknowledge that if you’re going to make one single purchase, you need to go with a color you can be comfortable with. For your “go-to” pair of pants, you’ll want a color that’s repeatable.

“Repeatable” in the sartorial context is simple: you need a pair of pants that visually complements the other items in your wardrobe. Blues, greys, khakis, and fatigues tend to “play well with others” when it comes to mixing and matching colors. But if your individual style encourages you to try out Charleston Brick, there’s no reason you can’t repeat that, as well. It all depends on your style in your individual wardrobe.

Give Your Pants a Chance

Your old “go-to” pair of pants had a distinct advantage: they were thoroughly broken in. Even if your new pair of pants feels a little snug at first, or somehow feels a little “different,” give it time. With enough regular wear, you might find that the pants adjust and the fabrics give a little.

The potential result of your persistence: a new pair of go-to pants that will last you for years to come … but only if you’re willing to give a new pair of pants a try.