How To Determine Your Fashion Style

What’s your “style”? You’d be surprised at how few people really ask themselves this question. Yet we all have wardrobes and dressers full of clothes that likely fall into a certain pattern. But if you want to really take your fashion game to the next level, it can be helpful to learn how to determine your fashion style. Here’s how you can define your style so you can easily find the clothes you enjoy and make smart fashion choices with each purchase.

Ask Yourself These Style Questions

To help you get started, here are a few key questions to ask yourself about your fashion style:

  • How might your clothes reflect your personality? Are you traditional and proper, or are you a little more playful in your choices?
  • What do you feel most comfortable wearing? You shouldn’t necessarily try to dress for a style you think you want, but for a style that suits you while emphasizing your natural features and personality. Part of that is figuring out which clothing is more comfortable for you, both physically and aesthetically.
  • How do you spend most of your time? Style should also be reflective of function. If you love to spend time outdoors, a more athletic style might suit you rather than a rigid, stuffier style that would require frequent changing.

With these questions in mind, you should start to get an idea of which clothes might suit you best. But if you feel you’re still in the dark, here are some different styles that you should be aware of:

“Vintage” or “Old-School”

There are some clothes that speak to a different era without looking out of sync with modern trends. We use words like “Vintage” and “old-school” to describe them, but the truth is: you know this style when you see it. This style is casual without being lazy and incorporates classic elements like button-downs and high-quality chinos.

Examples of vintage fashion styles:


There’s no doubt about it: “preppy” is in. The preppy style is defined by dressing well for the occasion in a way that wouldn’t look out of place in cool weather in the northeast. The preppy style is associated with academia, upscale outdoor events, and the “southern gentleman” look.

Examples of a Preppy style include:

  • Seersucker Shorts. These shorts pair well with button downs for a can’t-miss look that lasts throughout the warm months.
  • Solid Oxford Shirt in Lemonade. This color and style both suit the preppy look and pair naturally with a wide variety of clothes, from shorts to cool-weather pants.


You’re proud to be American, and you’re not afraid to show it. The Americana style is defined by bold primary colors and a willingness to try something new when it comes to your wardrobe.

Examples of Americana style include:

Make Your Style Work For You

Now that you’ve learned how to determine your fashion style, it should be easier to pick out the clothing items you’ll like best. Whatever style you might prefer, Vintage 1946 can help you get there. Browse the selections above, or view our full collection to find the clothes that suit your style best.