How to Buy & Pack Shorts: Helpful Travel Hacks

It’s summer, and that means you’ve got a lot of packing to do. Whether you’re getting ready for a flight on that next family vacation or simply headed out on a weekend trip to the cabin, it’s important to pack light. Doing so won’t only save you money in extra baggage fees, but will make your life easier.

To do so, you have two basic steps to master: buying the right shorts and keeping a few “packing hacks” handy.

Buying the Right Shorts for Vacations

What do we mean by “right shorts for vacations”? Aren’t all shorts fine for vacations? Not if you want to pack light. The simple truth is that some shorts are better than others when it comes to keeping those baggage fees in check. Our recommendation: reversible shorts. Here’s why:

  • Two for one. The most obvious reason to take these shorts with you is that they give you two different options while taking up the space of one pair of shorts. If you want to pack four shorts but take two reversible with you, then you’ve given yourself room for an extra pair of socks, underwear, or even a dress shirt.
  • The Reversible Short Green is completely acceptable at a restaurant on one side, but looks ready for a pool party on the other side. And seeing the other color coming through from the other side only enhances the style and contrast rather than diminishing it.
  • You never know what you’ll need. Vacations are rarely so well planned out that you’ll know exactly what to wear with everything. Pack the same amount of reversible shorts as you would have packed regular shorts and you’ll give yourself twice the options.

Not a fan of reversible shorts? Don’t worry. They’re not your only option. You can also save a little bit of space with Snappers. These shorts are perfect for the beach, walking around the city on a hot day, and near the pool. They’re lightweight and small enough that they won’t add a lot of bulk to your luggage, either.

Packing Hacks for Keeping Luggage Light

Shorts are just one part of your travel case. What about the rest? Well, you were promised some travel hacks—and we’ll deliver:

  • Roll up accessories in plastic wrap. This won’t only keep them tightly packed, but will allow you to cut down on space. If you have a lot of devices, jewelry, bracelets, and the like, you can fit them all in one bag pocket without a worry.
  • Roll your clothes. This helps you to organize them more easily and avoid wrinkles. For extra space, roll clothes on top of each other to reduce the space between them.
  • Better yet, try a “Super Roll” for maximum efficiency. Each of these Super Rolls can give you the clothes you need for a day, which gives you a week’s worth of clothes without using nearly the space you think you need.

Between two-in-one shorts and super rolls, you’ll never have to pay extra baggage fees again.