How To Look Cool: A Quick Guide For Men

While you may be able to find “cool” in the dictionary, it’s much harder to find a satisfactory definition for what it means to be cool. And it’s just as hard to describe how to be cool. But we think if you put the following elements together, you’ll have the recipe for something truly relaxed, unique, and—dare we say it?—cool. Here’s how to build a men’s wardrobe and attitude to help you look cool.

Consider Your Attitude

You might think that a sense of “cool” comes automatically with the clothes you wear, but it’s also an attitude. Because “cool” is defined by a relaxed sense of style, let’s think about what it means to carry yourself this way.

It starts with a relaxed sense of attitude. In other words, it all starts in your head. You might try a number of techniques to increase your sense of relaxation, whether that means reducing stress in your life with techniques like 10 minutes of daily meditation or increasing your daily amount of exercise. Exercise also has the added benefit of decreasing symptoms of anxiety and depression that can get in the way of a relaxed sense of well-being.

Don’t Forget Body Language

Now let’s think about what it takes to incorporate “cool” body language. What is relaxed body language? According to Udemy, it can mean the following:

  • Improved posture with relaxed shoulders and your upper body directly over your waist and legs. Standing up straight helps you improve your sense of confidence. Amy Cuddy even advocates it as a way to improve self-confidence, which suggests a mind-body connection that works both ways.
  • Taking up plenty of space usually comes about as a result of feeling relaxed, but if you do it in a socially conscious way, it can also help you feel more at home. This doesn’t mean to intrude on other peoples’ space, just to help make sure you’re comfortable in your own skin.
  • Eye contact is essential, but it should be relaxed eye contact that doesn’t demand that people stare back at you. Instead, be willing to look people in the eye when you’re listening to them—and don’t go overboard!

Put together these tips and you’ll be well on your way to feeling your best no matter what you’re wearing. But it doesn’t hurt to have some cool clothing, too! Vintage 1946 can help you there!

Cool Clothing From Vintage 1946

How do you wear cool clothing? We could tell you the same old advice—wear sunglasses and find a well-fitting leather jacket. But it’s more about what suits your individual sense of style. Here are a few ideas:

  • Be willing to go bold. Bold colors like the ones you’ll find in our collection of Vintage Twill Shorts are a great example of how cool your clothes can be. Be willing to experiment with new ideas in your outfits to remind yourself how great it can feel to love the clothes you wear.
  • Keep it simple. Cool isn’t all about being bold. It’s also about being relaxed. If you ever find yourself in doubt, you might try the other end of the spectrum here and keep things simple. Our classic Henley Shirt designs offer a unique, relaxed look. Be sure to explore our full shirt collection for more great options.

Coolness comes down to a sense of confidence. Explore our full collection of vintage inspired clothing to best build your style and confidence!