How To Layer For Cold Weather Fashionably (For Men)

When the weather dips, do you still know how to put an outfit together that’s warm, comfortable, and fashionable? Layering an outfit that features all three can be difficult—especially for men who have never been fashion-conscious. We’ve got you covered. Here are some great tips on how to layer for cold weather fashionably.

Start With A Collar



Looking fashionable is all about contrasts—casual and business, crisp and textured, monochromatic and patterned. Pulling these contrasts off might sound difficult, but you can do yourself a big favor by investing in a single piece of clothing that will make all the difference: a quality shirt with a collar.

Why does a collar work so well?

  • For starters, it provides a comfortable inner layer that will add to your warmth simply by being there.
  • Second, the collar will hold stiffly above your outer layer, which ensures that you’re getting the pop of color that you want underneath your outer layer.
  • A collar announces its presence in a complete outfit and also adds to the overall “dressiness” of the look.

For example, consider our Touch Finish Vintage Twill Shirt in Brown. This patterned shirt makes a great contrast to a monochromatic outer shirt, such as a grey or green sweater, while forming a great foundation for the warmth of the outfit itself.

Strike A Balance Between Inner & Outer Layers



Layering for cold weather has two basic components: the inside layer and the outside layer, of course. One of the most important ways to layer for cold weather fashionably is to find the balance between the inner and outer layers.

You can do this in one of two strategies: contrasting or complementing.

As an example, let’s start out with our Jacquard QZip Sweater in Cream. This is a great pullover with plenty of texture and character—but a consistent color. When it comes to your inside layer, you have two options:

  • Contrasting involves picking colors from different parts of the color wheel or contrasting some other element like the pattern or the texture. Continuing our example, if you were to wear our Touch Finish Vintage Shirt in Twill, you would get both the pop of color and the contrasting pattern to the QZip.
  • Complementing means pairing the outer layer with something that doesn’t necessarily look different, but still fits within the overall palette. Our Solid Oxford Shirt in Nautical Blue would be a great pairing with the QZip shirt, as grey/cream and blue are generally considered complementing colors that don’t introduce a lot of contrast.

Adding Accessories

Once you know how to build a layered outfit like this, you’ll be able to be even more creative with your accessories. Try to keep your hats, scarves, and gloves in overall harmony with the outfits you buy. For many, you can stick to tried-and-true colors like black, gray, khakis, and navy to ensure that you’ll have a put-together warm-weather outfit that looks good even as you mix and match your items.

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