How to Find the Best Men’s Shorts for You

Having a selection of shorts in your closet is essential as spring turns to summer and you start to spend most of your time outside. Of course, if you just search the web for “men’s shorts”, you are going to find a dizzying array of options, and it may be tough to narrow down the search and find the right pair for you.

With this article, we’d like to make that task a little easier. Let’s take a moment to go through some of the key points to keep in mind when shopping for shorts. When you are ready to place an order, browse the collection of men’s shorts we offer here at Vintage 1946. You’ll find a great selection, competitive prices, and a commitment to timeless fashion. Here’s how to find the best men’s shorts for you!

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It Starts with Fit

Finding the right pair of shorts always starts with the right fit. Shorts that fit properly will not only look good, but they will also be comfortable to wear throughout the day. You probably think carefully about the fit of other garments in your wardrobe like shirts and slacks, but you may take shorts for granted since they are casual wear.

The key to getting a good fit in a pair of shorts is finding the right inseam length. It should be pretty easy to pick out the right size for your waist, since that is no different than picking out a pair of pants, but inseam length on shorts is a topic that is often overlooked. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • A matter of comfort. Some people are comfortable letting a lot of leg show above the knee, while others would prefer to be covered up. Keep your personal preference and comfort level in mind while you shop.
  • Depends on the activity. You might want a shorter inseam on shorts that will be used in and around the water, while a longer inseam could be more comfortable on the golf course.
  • Consider the material. If you are buying shorts that feature a stretchy fabric, a relatively short inseam might still be comfortable, because the garment will give and flex as you move through the day.

At Vintage 1946, we always keep inseam length in mind as an intentional part of our designs. For example, our Golf Shorts feature a 10’’ inseam to allow for a little more coverage while on the links. Our Windjammer Hybrid Shorts, meant for a range of outdoor activities, feature a 9’’ inseam for versatility. For a shorter look, our Stretch Snappers bring that inseam length down to just 5 1/2’’.

Choose the Right Material

In addition to inseam length, the material used to create a pair of shorts is an important element to keep in mind. When trying to choose what material is right for your next pair, think about what you’ll be doing in those shorts throughout the summer.

For instance, our Sport Shorts are made from a quick dry fabric that is 90% polyester and 10% spandex. That’s a great material for being active and remaining cool and comfortable, but it might not offer the right look for some summertime events. To bring a more refined look while still wearing shorts, our Classic Vintage Twill Shorts–made from 100% cotton–may be a better pick. When shopping for shorts, be sure to always check on both the inseam length and material before placing an order.

Building a Shorts Wardrobe

Once you determine what inseam length is best for your body and personal taste, and once you figure out what materials you like for certain activities, it will be easy to order the right shorts. Remember, however, that you don’t want to stock your closet with countless pairs of the exact same shorts. To account for all of the different things you do during the summer, you’ll want to have plenty of variety to pick from before heading out each day.

As a starting point, think about dividing up your shorts shopping into three categories: water activities, land activities, and casual. Things like swimming and boating would go into the water activities category, and you’ll want to own some shorts that are suitable for those days. Back on land, summer fun such as golfing, hiking, and camping should be considered. Finally, casual shorts are those that are ideal for lunch with friends, going to a concert, or attending a bonfire party after the sun goes down.

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Whether you need just a single pair of shorts or a new pair for every day of the week, Vintage 1946 is here to serve you. Our diverse collection of men’s shorts has something for everyone, and for every activity. Thank you for visiting and we look forward to receiving your order!

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