How To Dress For Your Body Type As A Man

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Everyone has a different body type. As a result, every man needs to dress just a little bit differently if he’s going to look and feel his best. Here’s a quick guide on how to dress for your body type as a man.

Tall & Thin Body Type

If you have a tall and thin body type, you’ve already experienced a lifetime of trying on ill-fitting clothes and wondering how to find something that fits you both horizontally and vertically. It’s not easy.

The key here is to find the right fit without accentuating the wrong parts of your body. For example, a tight, tucked-in shirt can leave too much visual space with the legs, which in turn accentuates their length. When shopping for clothes, look for items that can help you to balance the look of your proportions.

For example, when you buy shorts, look for options with adequate length—these Sunny Stretch Twill Flat Front Shorts with a 9” inseam will help you better balance your proportions.

Stout Body Type

What if you’ve got a few extra pounds on your frame that you’d prefer to minimize? If you consider yourself the stout body type, here’s how to dress to help you achieve a balanced look:

  • Try a patterned shirt. A great patterned shirt like our Acid Washed Oxford Shirt in Red gives plenty to look at. The unique texture, contrast, and exciting visual pattern can help to draw the eye away from any extra weight you may have. And because button downs have a slimming tendency, the overall effect on your silhouette will be balanced.
  • Emphasize your best traits. Love to show off your powerful legs? Go with light shorts. Anyone dressing for their body type understands that they have to put their best foot forward—and you’re no different.

Short Body Type

If you have a shorter frame, you’ll want to add length to your look. Here are a few tips to dress for your body type:

  • Avoid oversized tops. Sometimes what feels taller isn’t always what makes you look taller. A long, oversized top can feel like it’s adding length to your torso—but as it slips past your waist, it actually clips off the top of your legs, making them look even shorter. Instead think about using Woven Shirts and keeping them tucked in to create as much visual length as possible for your legs.
  • Make sure your pants fit. We offer complimentary hemming with our pants because we know that the bottom cuff of a pant has to fit just right if it’s going to look its best. Don’t buy pants that are too long with the hope that they’ll add height to your frame. If anything, the billowing at the bottom will accentuate the wrong thing.

Skinny Body Type

Need to bulk up with your outfits? There’s nothing wrong with turning to layers and knit shirts to add proportion. Men with an undersized frame can benefit a lot from shirt collars and other balancing features like a Quarter Zip. Find thicker clothing items to help you add heft to your frame.

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