Holiday Clothes Shopping? Try These Vintage Items!


There’s nothing like the holidays. Checking in on relatives, eating home-cooked foods, enjoying raucous conversations, or simply getting to relax in the home environment with some time off work or school. Since so much work goes into making the holidays possible, it’s only fair that you contribute—and dress for the occasion. Here are some of our favorite vintage style clothing items that are perfect to add to your holiday clothes shopping list—for someone special or for yourself!

Knits: Keep it Simple and Casual

One of the best tops for enjoying the holidays is a quality knit shirt. These simple, comfortable, and yet-somehow-oddly-holiday-appropriate tops pair especially well with a good pair of dark denim jeans.

A word of advice: since you’re visiting family and relatives for the holidays—or showing up at someone else’s house and want to make a good impression—it’s better to go with a collar than it is no collar. The Flat Back Rib QZip Charcoal knit shirt is a great example. The zip collar is a casual/smart option that’s perfect for domestic occasions. When the holidays are over, you can still use these for dinner parties and casual get-togethers and look your best.

Stretch Corduroy: Getting in the Festive Mood

What if your holiday clothes shopping tastes are far less “casual” and far more “festive”? Then there’s a good chance you’re going to like what you see over at the Stretch Corduroy section. Choosing from exciting colors like bark, fatigue, marine, and mahogany, you’ll find plenty of pants that separate you from the “only wears jeans” crowd while fitting right in with the décor. It’s a smart way to pair a simple top with something that adds a little spice to your outfit.

Stretch corduroy is also high-performance, comfortable to wear, and great for lounging around the house—like those moments after you’ve secretly finished a plate of “Santa’s cookies” and need to zone out in front of the TV for a while. Hey, they do call it “stretch” corduroy, after all.

Cardigan Sweaters: The Ideal Holiday Wear

There may be nothing that says “home for the holidays” more than a cardigan sweater. It’s not just because cardigan sweaters are great for the cold months—for lazing around a fire with a mug of hot chocolate, for example—but because they’re convenient and stylish, too. They’re easy to cinch up in cool weather or wear loose to stay breezy and casual.

They also add a tremendous amount of heft and texture to your wardrobe, which is great for those who currently rock a “minimalistic” look. For example, take this Grolive Cardigan. Touches like the elbow patches and textured pockets add a tremendous amount of visual information, while the overall cardigan is still a cohesive top that won’t clash with much in your wardrobe.

Find More Great Pieces At Vintage 1946

Done right, you can prepare a holiday and winter season wardrobe that’s full of “casual-smart” outfits. These articles of clothing are more than just a way to look good—they also represent the most comfortable way to spend good times with the people you love. For the best in holiday clothes shopping, check out the full Vintage 1946 collection.